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Hey there - just wondering if the jewelery that is standard to buy for the bridesmaids is considered their gift or is there the jewelery and an additional gift? Let me know what gifts are really bad and what are some great gifts please. 

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  • If you require/request certain jewelry you really should buy it. And no, I wouldn't call it their gift. What if it's not really to their taste?

    My bridesmaids just wore whatever for jewelry. I got them comfy clothes from Pink, Gap, and Aerie as their gifts.
  • I would not use it as their gift. I've yet to get wedding jewelry I'd ever wear again
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    Matchy matchy wedding bridesmaid jewelry as a gift may possibly be my second biggest wedding pet peeve (after registering for cash). It's less annoying if it's something really classic like a string of real pearls or a sapphire pendant. But usually it's cheap, ugly costume jewelry in the color scheme of the wedding. Yuck. Worst gift ever.

    "Here's something for my wedding! It's a gift for you. No really it's a gift. My gift is that you match decor for one day. My day! Yay! I'm such a good, thoughful friend!"
  • I'm not giving my BMs jewelry. I figure they can accessorize themselves. Seriously. Also, I'm not telling them what shoes to wear.

    So no, I wouldn't consider it a gift. Basically, if it's something for YOUR wedding, it's not a gift. i'm getting my BMs things like iPods, bottles of wine, or spa gift certificates. Something that fits their personalities. one of my BMs WOULD enjoy jewelry, but I wouldn't buy her something specifically for my wedding.
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  • Jewelry is not a good gift. My bridesmaids wore their own jewelry and shoes and no one even noticed. In fact, my aunt tried to tell me that they WERE all wearing the same jewelry and shoes.

    Good gifts are suited to each girl. Shop like it's a birthday. I bought Coach wristlets that suited each of their tastes. Gift cards are also great. If you have a beach goer, get her some great summer reads and a big fluffy towel, cute sandals, etc. Wine lovers I'm sure would love an aerator or a couple bottles of nice wine. Gifts don't have to match, but they should be something they like.
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  • Thanks so much ladies - I've never been a fan of doing the jewelery but thought I was obligated. I love the idea of each lady receiving a different gift based on their personality. Thanks :)
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    Common BM gifts that I think absolutely suck: jewelry to wear at your wedding, any variety of cheap generic jewelry,  anything engraved with your wedding date,  Vera Bradley, Body Lotions, Tote bags (who needs another tote bag? Seriously?) Coach wristlets,  Flip flops.

    Things I would actually like:  Gift cards to anything,  Really nice makeup compact (without engraving, thanks) or fancy makeup brushes,  Anything related to my personal hobbies,  spa/salon certificates, concert tickets, taking me out to a nice dinner, paying for part of my fugly dress.  


    "Whatever East. You're just mad I RSVP'd "lame" to your pre-wedding sleepover."
  • I feel inept that I have no idea what a coach wristlet is.
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