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how many rose petals?

how many rose petals would I need to line both sides of my aisle runner? There will be 9 rows of chairs on each side of the aisle.

Re: how many rose petals?

  • It depends on a) how long your aisle is, b) how wide you want the area with petals to be, and c) how dense you want the petals to be.

    Your first step is to calculate the area to be covered in square feet.  Suppose that you have a 25-foot aisle, and want to create a 6-inch border on each side.  Thus,  the area to be covered on each side of the aisle is 25 feet by 1/2 foot, or 12..5 square feet.  The total square feet (counting both sides of the aisle) is 12.5 feet X 2, or 25 square feet.

    To cover each square foot, you'll need 8 cups for dense coverage, 4 cups for moderate coverage, 2 cups for light coverage, or 1 cup for scattered.  Thus, in our example, you'd need 200 cups for dense coverage, 100 cups for moderate, 50 for light, or 25 for scattered.
  • PERFECT! That makes so much I got to calculate! Thanks
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