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August 2011 Weddings

Do I really need to get a dress already?

It seems like a lot of you other August 2011 brides already have your wedding dresses.  Why get a dress so soon?  I feel like I should be dress shopping now because everyone else is, but I'm not sure why.  I know alterations and things can take some time, but almost a whole year?  Isn't anyone worried about having to get more alterations done due to the fact that a year gives a lot of time for your weight to fluctuate?  I really don't fluctuate in weight anyway, but it just seems a year is a long time to have a dress just hanging in the closet. If you've already gotten your dress, or have already been dress shopping, why did you decide to do that already?  I have picked out styles I like online and in magazines but I haven't actually made any shopping appointments yet.
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Re: Do I really need to get a dress already?

  • I got my dress very early, October of last year, but I am not starting alterations until I have to next year just like any other bride on this board.  Just because you buy the dress does not mean you need to start alterations immediately.  I personally don't feel like I need to justify why I got my dress so early, I fell in love with it and I can't find anything else that compares.  My dress is also being kept at the shop I purchased it at, not hanging in my closet.  It takes a while for a dress that is ordered to be made and come in.  I bought the sample so I did not have to go through that process but the majority of brides do.  It's a personal decision and if you feel it's too early, then it's too early for you. 
  • I'm going dress shopping so early because most places I talked to said it takes about six months for the dress to come in and then a month or two for alterations. Also, I'm starting school Tuesday and working so having time to dress shop is going to be hard to come by.
  • First thing's first: RELAX! I think it's important, as previous posts have said, that YOU do what's right for YOU! But, as others have said: WE did what's right for US! My dress was supposed to take up to eight months to come in! It came in within a few weeks. As you probably saw, I was freaked out that it came in so soon. But, like others, my shop is keeping it for me. I am not getting any fittings until MUCH closer to the wedding. My weight normally doesn't fluctuate, but I just had a baby, and believe it or not, I can't stop LOSING weight! (Bizarre, I know) So I am worried about that. But, honestly, do what YOU feel comfortable with, not just what you think everybody else is doing! To be honest, I felt silly getting mine so early. But I was in love! 
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  • I have not gotten mine and probably will not until January... Some people get excited and buy their dress very early and thats okay too, but I have found that I am a person who changes alot, and so although I may be thinking that I want a dress with a lot of bling, by January, I may want a simple dress.  Because of this, I have decided to wait...  I did go look once before and the lady at the dress shoppe made me feel funny for shopping so soon, so I am putting it off for now...
  • I bought my dress in June, mainly because I found the one I loved, and so why wait?  Also, dresses can take a while to come in, as people have already said.  My dress is scheduled to come in in late October, then alterations, of course, so I'll have extra time, but I prefer that to feeling rushed.
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  • I haven't bought mine.. I am so indecisive that i am scared i would buy it and change my mind about it before the wedding and i have lost almost 20 pounds in the last 3 months and if it continues at that rate... well i would vanish. but if i lose more weight its more alterations.. or (god for bid) I gain...  
  • My dress is only taking about 4 1/2 mos. to come in, so it'll probably be here in January. I won't be starting alterations for a few months after that.

    The only reason why we went early is that my mom was paying, and I knew that we had to go before the holidays. Plus I wanted to make sure that a few people where available to come with.

    And it's nice to have that checked off and out of the way so I don't have to stress about it....the only thing I have to stress about is getting in shape haha :)

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  • I haven't gotten my dress yet, but I have started shopping for it.  I found two that I fell in love with but didn't want to make the decision my first time out because I change my mind quite often.  When we go home to visit my parents in October I have appointments lined up all day and I am planning on trying the dresses I fell in love with the first time again.  A lot of designers I am looking at take 6 or 7 months to get in(sometimes they come in much earlier) but I would rather be safe than sorry in the long run.  Plus you should leave a few months for alterations.  I think that if you find a dress you love then there should be no time limit on it.  Just do what's best for you and try not to worry about what everyone else is doing.
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  • I'm not getting mine until around December for a couple of reasons.

    1. I live in a different state and won't be going home until then.
    2. I just don't think it's necessary to get it so soon. I'm looking at magazine pictures and stuff, but going to a shop right now kind of ruins some of the fun for me. I want to have exciting wedding stuff to do for a while, not be done with all my decisions and have to wait for a whole year(!) to see them or risk changing my mind. No knocks to people who get them soon, I just don't think it's necessary for me.
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  • I ordered my dress yesterday and it will be in sometime between May and July of next year.  I was going to wait but I just happened to find the perfect dress and there was a possibility of it being discointinued if I waited a couple months to order.  Most of the shops I've been to said bridal gowns take 8-12 months to be ready so I wanted to be on top of it as well.  My friend ordered hers Sept last year and didn't get it until a week before he wedding in July this year.
  • Thank you so much, everyone, for your answers!  I had no idea dresses took so long to come in, and I hadn't really considered that you might have just fallen in love with a dress you *had* to have.  Now I think I will start shopping within the next month or so Smile
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  • I am getting married the end of August 2011 and I just tried dresses on for the first time as some of the other girls said I liked alot of the dresses I tried on but didnt want to decide right away, I am going to go to another place this week I want to shop around and I am on a budget. It pays to check out different places.
  • Ditto what everyone else said! I fell in love with my dress, I also was dress shopping for 5 hours before I picked it out. I tried on every dress in a few stores and nothing "felt" right until I had this one on. As other people mentioned, I ordered mine in May/June and it isn't expected to come in until at least December. I also wasn't planning on another trip home until September and I was worried it would take me MONTHS to find the one I really liked!

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  • unplainjaneunplainjane member
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    i've gone shopping a couple of times more out of excitment but i won't be buying my dress till october. i want to wait in case i change my mind about the style i want. i have a friend that just got married yesterday and she didn't buy her dress till this past january. they say you should start looking around 8-12 months out in case the dress takes a while to come in. and so you have time to make a decision and not feel rushed.
  • I have not gotten mine! I have looked a little bit but want to wait until I lose a little weight to actually try some on. I am not happy about my weight right now and I feel like if I would look now, I would feel disgusting and I don't want to be disappointed the first time I try on a wedding dress. So, I am waiting about 2 months then I will start looking and actually trying some dresses on. I felt the same way too, though. It seemed like everyone was getting their dresses! Glad I am not alone (:
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  • I have mine cus it's taking 7 months to get in..which leaves plenty of time for alts. I plan on doing bridals in May-June. Depending where you go, alterations can take a while.
  • I've known I've wanted this dress for a while now. I saw it online and fell in love with it about a year or so ago (I'd been anticipating an engagement for a long time LOL!) I tried it on and that was it. My dress has already come in. I'm going to wait to do alterations obviously (because you never know) but I really don't anticipate real need for major changes (other than length). The way I see it is that its better to get the one you want because sometimes they get discontinued! I wanted to snatch it up ASAP so I have my dream dress :)

    Don't stress! Its different for everyone.
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  • I felt the same way you did when I started posting on this board. I had no desire to go dress shopping and hadn't thought about it. After coming onto this board, I thought I was 'behind' because I hadn't purchased my dress.
    I didn't want to purchase something only to find something else when the season changes. I've been to several bridal shops b/c I was looking at bridesmaid dresses and they've all told me that it takes about 3-4 months for their bridal gowns to come in. After that, I definitely put it on the back burner. I'll deal with it around Christmas time.
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  • I bought my dress on July 28. It is going to take 4-6 months to get in. I chose to get it then because I had that "I know it's the one" moment and we talked to the sales associate and they said that within the next couple months is when they get new dresses and discontinue old ones. I didn't want to risk losing my dress.
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  • A part of me really wanted to go dress shopping once I got engaged.  But the other part wanted nothing to do with it, at least for now.  I gained 30lbs in the last year and until I take off at least half of it I don't want to go into a bridal salon.  I am shooting for the end of the year.  I live in NY and I plan to go to  Kleinfelds, I have my top two dress and I want to put them on and feel like this is it, not I look or feel fat.  So I think December or January
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  • Surprisingly I did NOT want to go dress shopping when I did, I thought it was silly to go soooo soon.... my sister and mom were insisting however so I decided what the heck it couldnt hurt to try some on. Well I ended up falling in love with one of them. I decided Id think about it and not get it and it was all I thought about the next week, so we went back and purchased it. If its the one, you won;t change your mind in a years time. Mine isnt supposed to be in till November or december and as long as we have the rest of the dress paid for within a week of it coming in they will keep it free of charge till the wedding so it won't be in my closet--- hah if I had it in my closet I probably would be trying it on daily lol. that might be a problem. haha
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