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December 2010 Weddings

How do I...

make this picture smaller?!  It has taken me forever to even get The Knot to let me post it and now it is huge!  I have tried changing the width size...didn't work.  Any suggestions?
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Re: How do I...

  • Thanks...its one of our engagement pictures :)
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  • Did you use tinypic.com?  If so make sure it's the code for umm html and websites?  not the boards one...once you load your image in, go to edit (on the right).  --I'm doing this from memory, I hope it's right lol)--  and at the top you should see the #'s...you can change them and it will adjust your picture so you can see how big it'll be.   Then save it, scroll down and the code should be there for you.  Let me know! lol  I had to do it like 5 million times til I figured it out, so I think this is how it goes.
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  • When you posted it, did you host it on an mage hosting site like Photobucket???

    If so, you can change the image size on the site before you link it.
  • misslolmisslol
    I'm not sure how you change it, but I agree - beautiful pic!  love it :)
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  • i used tinypic...if you used it too, there is a dropdown menu on the screen when you load it where you can chose size options...do thumbnail.
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