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Trying to help some of our wp and guests with using foursquare and how to "check in."  What's the best way to find various deals in Vegas? joined a couple pages on facebook and twitter but they don't really have a list. Has anyone experienced any really good deals for checking in?
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    I ue foursquare and facebook, husband also uses Yelp.  we often get 2 for 1 free drinks or discounts on food when checking in.  a few days before we actually go to vegas, I go to and search various casinos on the website.  they will show if the site has a "special" and you can click to see what the special is.  a few months back, all the Ceasar's properties were offering BOGO on their buffets!  when we were there at the beginning of the month they were offering $5 off their buffets. 
    Planet Hollywood used to offer a 2 for 1 drink in their Heart bar when you check in on FourSquare.  Since they are now offering the $5 off buffet on FourSquare, they offer this deal when you check into PH on Facebook.  I only saw this because I "like" that casino on FB.  The only other FB check-in I used when we were there was at Monte Carlo, we got 20% off our package at Minus 5 ice bar, which they also posted on FB.  Unfortuantely I have not found a list for FB deals to look up prior to our trip.
    If looking places up on FourSquare don't forget that some restaurants and lounges are listed seperately and can have their own specials. 
    Good Luck!
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    Totally lurking in this thread, but thanks Kim. Now I've become all crazy about foursquare LOL.  If you don't look at the deals beforehand, can you see the deals when you check in?

    Nice sig pic, btw! I associated queen of hearts with your screen name and thus always imagined you as having red hair. How ironic that you do have red hair Tongue out
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    Yes when you check in , it automatically shows you if the place has a special.  Not sure in your area, but we get some decent specials in Los Angeles.
    And yup I have red hair, both my mom and dad do so if I didn't mom had some explaning to do LOL
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