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Make up question

my aunt is doing my make up & we have everything figured out except the foundation.  I don't want to wear foundation because I don't like the way the powder or liquid feels on my skin & I never wear make up to begin with ( i'm only wearing it for pictures).  Do you ladies know if there is an alternative to foundation, something more sheer?  I went to Macy's & they were pretty unhelpful & kept pressing me to buy foundation.

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    Oh & FYI, I have very sensitive skin & can tend to get oily in my T-zone.  
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    How about a tinted moisturizer with a little powder over for your t-zone?  I would also check with Sephora (sp?) I bet they can help and they will do your make-up for free to show you how it looks and help you select what is right for you.
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    agree with pp.  Aveno makes a great tinted moisturizer with SPF in it.
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    I know you said your not  fan of make up but if you want to look smooth and finished and not shiny in your pictures you had better reconsider the make up issue.

    You really need your make up done.  Professionally.
    It needs to be heavier than regular, otherwise it won;t even show in photos.

    but hey if you insist on being shiny and unfinished in your photos then by all means get a moisturizer.
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    I was gonna say a tinted moisturizer with powder like the others.  I would say find a oil-free formula that would be good with sensitive skin
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    How about something along the lines of a Mineral Foundation? They are usually not heavy and will just keep the shine down.
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    I second the mineral makeup option- I don't usually wear makeup either, but I've been experimenting in prep for my wedding.  I use a bare escentuals knockoff now regularly- once it's on, I don't feel it at all!

    Also, not everyone looks shiny or unfinished without pro makeup- my sister was married in humid mexico and did her own BE makeup- she looks awesome in her photos.
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    Agree with the tinted moisturizer and translucent loose powder. Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown both have great tinted moisturizers. You could also use a regular foundation and apply with damp makeup sponge for lighter coverage. Do you have a Sephora or Ulta near you. They can help you and you can get samples from them to try at home before you buy.

    I am doing my own makeup. I have done it myself for photography in the past and photos came out great. Just make sure you have your aunt practice on you and you will be fine.
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    I would go with either the tinted moistureizer or the mineral makeup.  Both can provide coverage that will even out your complexion without feeling too heavy.  I would just use some loose powder to finish it and keep some blotting papers handy throughout the day.

    I have also seen foundation that comes in an aerosol can.  It is similar to airbrush makeup, and can feel really light and not cakey.

    Wear what you will feel beautiful and comfortable in!
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