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March 2011 Weddings

Cant make up my mind.

Anyone else having a really hard time making a decision on everything? I thought I wanted Black and red for my colors now I'm not sure. I dont like the way red dresses looked and I dont like the look of red sashes with black dresses. I thought about a Navy blue and silver colors(FI is a cop I think he'd love it) Thought I knew the reception hall but cant make a final decision. I thought I wanted to get married right at the hall now I'm not sure if I want to get married in a church. I am not exactly a practicing catholic but the thought of not getting to walk down the aisle with the church door opening, so everyone can see me and such, kind of makes me sad and we'd miss the whole fun limo ride...alone..to the reception. It's almost a year away and i have nothing planned and cant seem to make a decision!
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Re: Cant make up my mind.

  • Awe, dont worry so much. So you do want a church ceremony, then do that. As far as the venue, did you look at some? And, color, is not that important, you can always choose that later, when you look at bridesmaid dresses and pick flowers. I don't think its that important right now. We will try to help you!!
  • Thanks. We havent been to any places yet because our schedules are opposite. But his one weekend every six weeks is coming up soon so hopefully we'll get some viewing done. I feel so behind.
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  • Don't worry! It will all get done. I go back and forth with my colors, venue, food, and even my bridesmaids daily! Haha. I haven't booked a single thing! I I think being indecisive is part of being a girl, and it's even more part of being an engaged girl! Hang in there, it will all come together. :)
  • Don't stress about that yet.  I had a different "favorite venue" every week for about a month or so. lol  Once you have your venue set, you'll start being able to settle on other decisions.  :)
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