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Not-quite-a-destination favors

Hey girls! It's been a while since I posted, since I've felt very busy planning, although it seems I haven't checked much off...eek!

My wedding will have all the perks of a destination wedding (far away, beautiful island, beach, etc) with some of the comforts of an at-home wedding (it's where my FI is from, so most of the guests are from there, and I have my in-laws to help as contacts at the location). I'm trying to figure out what to do for favors...and here's what I'm working with:

-About half the guests will be traveling from abroad to the wedding, so it shouldn't be a bother to carry back with them (assuming it's not edible!).
-Of course, I will be traveling too! So I can bring some things with me, e.g. parts of a DIY project, but I'll have luggage restrictions too.
-I'll get to the destination 3.5 weeks before the wedding, so I do have time to assemble/organize/etc.
-This is only a big trip for my 25 or so American guests - the others will be coming from around Europe for a week-long or weekend trip that they've made many times before (e.g. to visit FI and his family)...so OOT bags aren't really practical and wouldn't cover everybody anyway.

I've thought of doing something edible - like a table with two kinds of bags, some filled with something typically American and some with something typically Spanish - but I'm having trouble thinking of things to fit these categories!! It can't be likely to melt while I travel with it, hopefully it's not too heavy, something easy to divide into small bags/gift portions...my only thought so far had been salt water taffy for the American favor, which while tasty doesn't scream classy. (But maybe the Europeans won't know that???) Any other ideas for the American favors??

My FI's island is known for great almonds, and these are often given as gifts...can anyone think of other Spanish/Mediterranean treats fitting these criteria???


Re: Not-quite-a-destination favors

  • Since you are from TX, why not do a small bottle of BBQ sauce or a spice rub with instructions? It you want the two things to go together, you can do two spice blends (Southwest and Mediterrean).

  • Great idea above!
    ~jenn~ Photobucket Anniversary
  • I like the BBQ idea! Great way to merge the two cultures. You could do really pretty lace fans since that screams Spain to me. I also did a quick google search on the customs/traditions of a Spanish wedding, and it suggested cigars or small bottles of wine (which if you can find a local wine I think that would be awesome!) for the men, and something that smells good for the women....whatever that means haha. Good luck! You may also want to post on the customs/traditions board to see if anyone has an idea. 

    Not sure if you are going for an overall theme, but I think it would be nice to include something local for the Americans, and the BBQ sauce or anything else that is Texas for the Europeans. 
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