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Hotel room booked. CHECK! And a dining opinion needed!

So I finally booked our hotel room over the weekend, after fighting with Paris over the bad "discount" they were giving us.  I'm spending thousands of dollars in their hotel for the wedding and reception, not to mention that most of our guests are staying there, and the prices they were offering us were ridiculous and didn't even include any upgrades or anything.  So we said "thanks for nothing" and booked a suite across at the Vdara.  I feel now like this fight was a blessing in disguise, because the room we are getting at the Vdara is waaaaay nicer than at the Paris, for less money!  We have an amazing view, a separate bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a really nice spa bath.  We are now planning on stocking some bottles of champagne and desserts in the fridge and having a few of our coolest guests back to the suite after the reception for a little celebration.  Plus we got a $100 food and beverage credit for staying there, which we are going to use the evening after the wedding when FI and I have a quiet, romantic dinner by ourselves.  I'm still really disappointed with the Paris right now, but I'm excited about staying at the Vdara and enjoying all of their amenities. 

So which restaurant should we eat at?  We want to dine overlooking the Bellagio Fountains.  Right now I'm leaning towards Circo, but definitely open to opinions.  Do you have a favorite restaurant with a view of the fountains?

Re: Hotel room booked. CHECK! And a dining opinion needed!

  • Mmm Circo is great!  How big is your group, though?  It's kind of a small place.
  • It's just the two of us for an intimate dinner the night after the wedding. 
  • Ugh that is so annoying. We booked at Paris back in December and I know the prices have gone up since then but am frusturated for the rest of our guest who have not yet booked. That "discount" is a complete JOKE. When I called to use it, it was almost the same exact price as booking online. Lame, its to late now though. We are paying a arm and leg and I am not really impressed with the look of the suite. They better treat us nice or I will be very angry!
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  • Congrats on the check, despite the annoyances!!!

    I know it's IN Paris, but what about Mon Ami Gabi?  There's some gorgeous pics from their patio overlooking the Bellagio fountains.  And there's also a restaurant that Wiwicaty recommends - it's in the Eiffel Tower, I believe.

    Can't wait to hear about Vdara!  It looks gorgeous :)
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    [QUOTE]It's just the two of us for an intimate dinner the night after the wedding. 
    Posted by klsatlin[/QUOTE]

    <div>Oh, if it's just the two of you, that would be a lovely choice!  My FI and I went there on our last trip for dinner; it's very romantic.</div>
  • @csarah718 - Ugh, I feel so bad for you!  They were completely non-apologetic about the discount thing, and it really pissed me off.  I guess the hotel is fairly booked up for the weekend (I think you're getting married the same day, May 19?), but that shouldn't drive the price up so much.  I'm at the point now that I'm telling my guests who haven't booked yet to look elsewhere, since the rooms aren't all that impressive for the current high rate.  My MOH and her husband are probably going to end up at the Vdara, too.  Good luck with everything, maybe if you remind them on check-in that you're getting married there, they will at least send you up some flowers, or a fruit basket or champagne or something. 

    @lsvensson & NYCheryl - Thanks for the info! Circo is where we are leaning right now but I'm definitely considering the Paris restaurants, as well.  If Gordon Ramsay's new steakhouse at the Paris is open by then, that's another on the list.  At the Bellagio restaurants we can use our $100 dining credit, though.   Of course, we can always use that on breakfast or lunch too. 

    Thanks for the input everyone!
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