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Wendy's/Cincinnati Bride

Anyone else who has bought at Wendy's/Cincinnati Bride have problems getting hold of their alternations/ordering department? I swear I've called and left messages multiple times through my whole dress buying process (3 the past 2 days) and they never call back.  It's frustrating because I live out of town and only have certain weekends available for alternations and I can't get a hold of them for an appointment.  Aggghhh 70 days and counting....

Re: Wendy's/Cincinnati Bride

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    I ordered my dress from there, and called about two weeks ago to see when it'd come in. I got through to the alterations department the first time I tried. Sorry you're having trouble!
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    I bought my dress from Cincinnati Bride back in October and I'm still waiting for them to call me saying that my dress has come in!! I've called them a few times and they've said that my dress has been shipped but has not come in yet. That message was given to me two weeks ago! I'm not sure how long it takes to ship a dress- a long time, I guess....? I'm getting a little bit worried. That has been my only complaint from Cincinnati Bride.

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  • From the moment I told the consultant (Ann) my budget (which wasn't huge) I was treated poorly. She was dishonest and rude. When calling the store I left many messages with no phone calls back, when I did get ahold of someone I was given multiple answers to the same question.

    I purchased my dress off the rack (sample dress), and I loved it. The zipper was broken (which Ann gave me $50 off to get it fixed, she told me that would be an easy fix and probably wouldn't cost $50). Ann was incorrect, I couldn't find ANYONE that would fix a zipper for less than $70. I was pinned into the dress, because the zipper was broken, but assured that if the zipper was in working order the dress would fit perfectly and need very little alterations. That was ALSO a huge lie, once I get the dress home I very quickly realized that the dress was a size 10, I was trying on size 2 and 4 wedding dresses!

    When I called to talk to someone at Wendy's about the size of the dress and also inquire about cleaning the dress the woman I spoke to basically said " too bad" about the size but that they clean dresses either before or after altering. I decided to do it after altering. So once my dress was altered (5 inches in at the waist and 4 in the bust) I called Wendy's to make an appointment for cleaning, they said they do not do that and they would give me a coupon for a dry cleaner. I explained I was TOLD I could get it cleaned and the new manager I spoke to said they keep ruining dresses with their cleaning and "sorry".

    What can I do!? I won't need to shop at a bridal store again .... but if you are reading this RUN!

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