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Veil - help!

My wedding is fast approaching (April 6th) and I still have no idea what I am wearing on my head.  I'm wearing my mom's dress and am having a lot of work done to it so it is still at the seamstress.  Here is a picture from a while back (the neckline has since been fixed, the lace is now sewn on, and the breast area is being tightened now...as my seamstress puts it, my mother is healthier up top than I am!). 

Anyway, what do I wear???  Long veil?  Birdcage?  Barrette of some sort?  We are getting married at my church (Catholic) - 3 pm ceremony with reception until 10 pm.  I'm up for anything, but would like input. 

Side note:  My mom's veil is the only thing I'm not up for - it is a massive, clunky thing that weighs 20 lbs.  And it is pretty badly yellowed so no longer matches the dress. 
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Re: Veil - help!

  • I vote for the bird cage veil. Not sure if you know this, but Michael's or Joann fabrics actually sell veils. Very simple veils but sufficient enough. You can buy it first and return it if you don't like how it looks with your dress. Since your dress has a vintage look to it, I think a bird cage veil will enhance the whole look better than traditional veil. Good luck!
  • I think a cathedral veil would look gorgeous at your Catholic ceremony! I would go with a simple one with not a lot of detail. Just my option though :) Love the story to your dress.
  • In looking at this picture, I think I also need to throw out there that the dress is not this frumpy.  The zipper wasn't in yet at this point, but now that it is, my waist is much more defined! 

    Thanks for the opinions.  My hair will be mostly down (it is very long and thick and I'm getting it blown out) so I'm nervous about a birdcage veil not working. 
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  • HeatherSP13HeatherSP13 member
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    I would try on cathedral veil.  I'm having a cathedal veil for my catholic wedding.
  • i vote for the cathedral veil for the catholic ceremony. to get ideas google cathedral veil.
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  • I think a cathedral length veil would be lovely, but if it is too much for you I think a beautiful lace edged elbow length veil would be gorgeous as well. 
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  • I think a simple catherdal veil will look beautiful with the dress. You mentione that your hair will be mostly down. If it will work with your hairstyle you can always add a nice hair clip and attach the veil near it. This way when you take the veil off for the reception, you will still have something to accessorise your hair.

    Love that you are using your mom's dress
  • I'd vote a chapel lengh veil(valuveil has them cheap), and fascinator. You can take the veil off for the reception. I personally hate birdcage veils, I find them fad-ish. I think you could get away with a simple flower fascinator with that dress, if you wanted to skip the veil altogether.
  • harper0813harper0813 member
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    Check out Nordstrom - they have some really beautiful, reasonable veils by Nina. I think something elbow length would look really beautiful on you.

  • I ordered my veil through http://www.embellishmyday.com/ and they were great.  Mine is chapel length and monogrammed with my future initials... Absolutely love it and their turn around time was about a week.  They have many different options available though and great to work with.
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