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OK to put STD magnets into xmas cards?

Since we're planning to send STDs in the next couple weeks, and I like to send xmas cards, I though we could combine them -- an STD magnet in its own enclosure (to make it a little more special), tucked in with a standard holiday card. Seems less expensive and more efficient than mailing STDs in their own card + envalope. Seem OK, or does this violate some wedding etiquitte?


Re: OK to put STD magnets into xmas cards?

  • I think it's okay...but I'd also be nervous that some may miss the magnet in the chaos of holiday mailings.

    Is there any way you can wait until after the holidays to send?
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    [QUOTE]Hmm, good point. We could send then in January, since the wedding isn't until Sept, but some people (future MIL) seem anxious for us to officially tell everyone the date. I'll try to think of how we might make the little card stand out more ... thanks!
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    could you put the magnet in a little red or green envelope so it stick out from the Christmas card?  Or gold might be fun but I'm unaware of the cost of that.
  • we're putting our magnets in our x-mas cards also.  I'm really not too concerned about noticing it.  When you open a card and something falls out of it, I would think it'd kinda hard to NOT notice that...but that's just me.  I think you'll be just fine.  :)
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  • I'm a September bride and I am including the magnets in Christmas cards for my OOT guests.  For local family, we handed them out at Thanksgiving.  I know that may seem tacky to some, but it went over just fine with our families.
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  • I think that would be ok, I actually just sent mine out for a xmas card and STD. I did a double sided card and was worrie people wouldnt know to turn them over, but everyone ive talked to said they saw both sides. I thought the double sided idea was good because they can have the xmas card up for the holidays and than after that flip it over for the STD....big money saver!!!
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