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Wanting to do a Juice Bar instead of Alcohol

Mine and His family are not big drinkers and we have more fun with just soda, juice, water, or other things besides liquor. Granted its nice but we really don't wanna do it and we know its gonna be a tight budget but thankfully im not inviting a lot of my drinking friends to come. Is this a good idea? or is there other ideas that could be fun that doesn't involve drinking or a lot of drinking? or do we have to have some kind of alcoholic beverage there?
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Re: Wanting to do a Juice Bar instead of Alcohol

  • You do not have to serve alcohol.   

    I'm not sure how I would feel about a "juice bar" -- unless I'm not understanding what you mean.  When I think about a juice bar, I think of smoothies and stuff.  Or are you talking about "mocktails" (non-alcoholic cocktails)?    I think mocktails would be awesome.

    If you want to limit the ammount of alcohol, you can always do just beer and wine.  But like I said, it's fine to have no alcohol at all.
  • There's nothing wrong with having no alcohol. My FI and I are sober, as are my MOH (sister) and her fiance, and at least one of my FI's groomsmen. A juice bar (smoothies and stuff) sounds like a fun alternative! I know my FI's family are mostly heavy drinkers, and parts of my family are as well, but to show respect for us, they are just going to have to deal with it. I know in the end everyone is going to have a fun time regardless, and if they need it to have a fun time, they don't have to stay.
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  • It's completely fine to not serve alcohol at a wedding.  And like Stage said, you don't even have to do a creative alternative either.  If you want to though, I think a smoothie or mocktail bar sounds nice.  I would suggest to refrain from calling it a "juice bar" though, only because I automatically think of kiddy juice drinks or something, which I don't think is what you are going for.
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    I was at a wedding event last week and they had a lemonaide bar that I thought was delicious.  They had basic lemonaide and iced tea as well, and then had other flavors on the side that you could add in.  Some of it included a black cherry syrup, fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries and some other flavors of syrups as well.  I'm a big lemonaide fan and it was hot out, so I enjoyed it!
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    In Response to Re: Wanting to do a Juice Bar instead of Alcohol:
    [QUOTE]You don't have to have alcohol and you don't have to supply an "alternative" either.  But if you want a juice bar, I think that's fine.
    Posted by StageManager14[/QUOTE]


    I thought I was the only one who thought that way.   I drink and I might be disappointed with a dry wedding.   But never would I say "Oh look they have a juice bar instead, how fun".

    Don't get me wrong, you don't need alcohol.  I think the juice bar is cool.  But i would never think as fim and  a substitute for a 'real bar'.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • cinxiccinxic member
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    I didn't want it to call a juice bar but really didn't know what else to call it. I do like the mocktail bar idea tho and also the lemonade idea as well! Thank you guys so much for ideas!! I have heard of the mashed potato bar and also the dessert bar but i wanted to do something a little different.
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  • What about an italian soda station?  You could have soda, all kinds of syrups, cream, and people could even mix the soda water with juice if they prefer.

  • In Response to Re: Wanting to do a Juice Bar instead of Alcohol:
    [QUOTE]What about an italian soda station?  You could have soda, all kinds of syrups, cream, and people could even mix the soda water with juice if they prefer.
    Posted by jessicabessica[/QUOTE]

    I really like this idea!  Wish I had thought of this a few months ago ;)
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  • Thank you guys so much for all these wonderful ideas!!!! The question i face now is where do i get things to serve it. Like the italian soda station or the lemonade??? Any suggestions?
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  • Agreed with pps, no alcohol is fine. There are lots of people that wouldn't go that route, but if that is what suits you then do that.  I would caution you though in that an alternative won't necessarily be cheaper than alcohol.  Good juice can get pretty expensive, as can the syrups for Italian sodas  (though I think considering a little goes a long way it may still be cheaper than booze).  Those are all good ideas though, go for it.
  • You can order syrups and stuff online. Torani is one company that makes them, though you might find cheaper ones available on any restaurant supply website. You can also ask coffee shops or bars for their recommendations on brands/flavors/where to buy.  Then all you have to buy is lots of sparkling water/club soda.  Or if you want to get fancy, there are kitchentop appliances out there where you can make your own sparkling water.  I think one is called Seltzer Stream.  I have no idea how much they run though. 
  • Thank you for your help Jb&P. Im wondering if maybe i can talk to make a coffee house or smoothie shop like keva or something to cater. Or make them yourselves. But again im just gathering ideas. thank you again guys!
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