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I bought a dress!

After trying on 40-50 wedding dresses I bought my favorite dress today!! whooo!! I'm so excited. now to start checking off the other 40385083 items on the list.


Re: I bought a dress!

  • Congrats. Do you have any pics?
  • Yes, I want to see!

    Congrats on finding it!
  • well we are adding straps to it, and also instead of the brown belt we are taking the fabric from underneath and making that as the sash instead of the brown (so ivory). Originally, it is a halter top dress, but I LOVE lace straps.

      ignore my face I didn't realize my mom was taking a picture.

      also the corset in the back will be a tiny little triangle. and 86 the brown sash.
  • I love the back of it! Congrats on finding your dress!!
  • thanks I do too! I can't wait to see what it looks like w/o the brown belt and the straps on it. I don't know what to do for the head piece though! I don't really want a veil. I was thinking maybe a head band (made from satin and lace) or maybe just some flowers. I want my hair in a side french twist.
  • also, here is another dress I tried on by BCBG it was only $398.


    I liked this one A LOT, but I felt like it wasn't what I always imagined I would wear and I just loved the maggie dress more.

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