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October 2011 Weddings

Yesterday was amazing!

J and I visited our last potential wedding venue yesterday, and it was great. The wedding coordinator is super friendly, the reception site is lovely, and it is much closer to our families then any of the other venues that we've looked at so far. I didn't fall in love with it in the way that I fell in love with my dream venue, so I'm still not 100% sold on it. But if the new venue comes in at a lower price then my dream venue, we'll probably go with the new venue. My only holdout is the ceremony site. It was set up for a conference and just looked meh. I am going to search and see if i can find some good pics of it all decked out. But it was nice overall and we are happy to have 3 great venue choices.

And then we stopped in the jewelry store.... and I found my rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been searching for 6 weeks for my e-ring. I was having Goldilocks de ja vu. Nothing was just right. But I slipped these on and cried. I just knew. And then I looked over at J and he was misting up, too. We both knew. So now they are ordering my diamond because they didn't have any Canadian diamonds in stock, and then my rings will be custom made onsite. J says I have to wait a while after the ring is done because he wants to plan something romantic to give it to me. I love that man, but waiting will be torture, and I think he likes making me wait for it.

To top it all off, while still on my pretty ring high, i got a call from the finance guy at the car dealership, who managed to get me a new, LOWER interest rate on my new car. Almost 3 points lower. H3LL YEAH! What a fantastic call that was. That is customer service, and i luyrve it!

So to recap my week... awesome new car, lower interest rate, venue happies, and my rings! Life is amazing. :) Just had to share. 

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