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I was wondering if any of you ladies did not use Save the Date cards. If so, were there any consequences  due to not using them? Thanks!

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  • There's really no rule saying you have to send save the dates.  They are most important if you are having a destination wedding or if most of your guests will be traveling from out of town or out of state to come to your wedding. 

    Save the dates are mainly for the purpose of allowing people to make travel plans.  They are also recommended if you are marrying during a time of year when many people might go on vacations or make other plans (such as near the holidays).  In this case, they are sent to let people know to keep that day free for your wedding. 

    If you're not worried about these scenarios, it's fine not to send them.  If you think your guests will need advance notice of your wedding date to make travel plans or take time off from work, then you might want to send them.  I hope this helps!
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  • The only consequence is that some people who might need to make travel arrangements don't have notice far enough in advance to do so. However, you can always email or call those people to give them the date if you want to make sure they have enough time to figure it out. Save the Dates are not at all necessary, and there really aren't any consequences to not doing them, since a phone call, text, email, Facebook message, etc. can do the same job. Hope that helps :) 
  • I never had a problem with brides NOT sending STDs BUT this year I was invited to 2 weddings on August 4, wedding A sent an STD, Wedding B did NOT.  We RSVP'd to Wedding A because we got their invite first and had had the STD on our fridge for 6+ months, then a week after I send that RSVP back I get an invite to wedding B, which is for closer friends.  I'm bummed that that schedule conflict exists, if only the bride had sent out STDS! :(
  • We did not use them. There were no negative consequences. We told our family the date in person once we booked it and let the word spread. But we see and talk to our families pretty regularly so it wasn't hard.

  • STDs are an extra expense.  Also, when sending out STD's that means your guest list is set in stone, months before you actually send out your invitations.  I equate sending out STD's to asking your bridal party too early...things can change so much in the months.  Our invitations go out this Friday(hopefully) and we're still tweaking the list.

    Exception is like the other posters have said, it's nice to give a heads up to those who have to travel, but that can be accomplished via phone or email.
  • We did not use them because quite frankly, we were hoping to keep our wedding small without insulting family members :P.  That, and I didn't have an extra 200 to 300 dollars just lying about.

    To my mind, with the advancements in modern technology and communication, if the majority of your guests don't know already, they're so unvinvolved in your life anyway that their inability to attend your wedding won't be crushing.  (you know your mothers called your grandmothers as soon as they found out :P).
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    Thanks y'all! I think I'll do STDs in a nontraditional way to the out of towners.
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