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I'm thinking of just buying a few packs of fill-in invitations and writing in the information myself.  Anyone ever received an invite like this?  It's a pretty casual, uncomplicated wedding.

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  • I've never received something like that for a wedding, every one I've been to has been formal, but if yours is casual, then go for it!

  • There are a lot of options for inepensive, more casual invitations out there. I would definitely skip the fill-in invite...those just scream birthday party of baby shower. You can buy an invitation kit from a craft store or Target almost as inexpensively as you can the fill ins.

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  • Ditto PPs.  Even for casual weddings I have never received a fill-in-invitation.  It has always been either a simple printed invitation or a nice pdf'd email invitation.

    If it's about the cost, there are lots of cheap, single-page invites that you can get.  There are kits at craft stores or you can order invitations or "postcards" from Vistaprint for cheap.  Also then you don't have to write the same information out 50+ (?) times!

  • @naomikb: You have received PDF email invites?  That seems even more casual than the fill-ins!  :)
  • @etouffe - yes, I received one.  They had a private ceremony a few hours away with just immediate family and then a "reception"/post-party at a low-key curling club a couple weeks later.  Everyone wore jeans, bride & groom included.  So the PDF-invitation was for their at-home reception/party.

    I was surprised to see it at the time, but looking back now on the casual-ness of the entire event it made sense, especially since we didn't attend the ceremony.

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