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Skiing Honeymoon?

My fiance and I were looking into a skiing honeymoon.  We want a ski-in/ski-out location.  We have no idea where to start though.  The only place we've looked at was Lake Louis in Canada, but we can't seem to find any honeymoon packages.  Any suggestions (in Canada or the US)???

Re: Skiing Honeymoon?

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    I got engaged on a mountain while skiing in Lake Tahoe.. Most unbelievably beautiful place I have been to thus far... That may be a location to check out..
  • My favorite ski destinations are Banff, Lake Tahoe, Park City, Aspen, and Steamboat Springs.  Breckenridge is a good option too that's more affordable than many of these.

    What's your budget?  Are you two experienced skiers?

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    We went skiing for the first few days of our HM and loved it.  We're big skiers, so we had a DW at a ski resort ;)  I'd love to give you recommendations, but please tell me more about your HM.

    What month?  Approximate budget?  How long do you want to go for?  Experienced skiers or beginners?
  • Banff is GREAT for skiing!
  • We would be going the 2nd week of March, and I am an intermediate skier and my fiance is en experienced skier.  We'd like to go for a week.  We've done Vail, Park City and Killington.  We wanted someplace new.  It would be great if the hotel room was $500 or less/night.  The reason we're trying to stay in the US, is because the flights to Canada are like $750 each.  We figure if we stay in the US, the flights could be about half that.  It would be fantastic if the hotel was an all-inclusive, but I don't know of any ski resorts that do that.  Thanks for all the help ladies :-)

  • i llive in Tahoe, at Northstar Resort, in a ski on ski off condo.  Right here there is a Hyatt Regency and The Ritz that are both ski on ski on ski off.  You can also rent a condo for a week.  Tahoe has lots of resorts to choose to ski at (Northstar, Squaw, Alpine, Homewoods, Sugarbowl, Heavenly, Kirkwood, Incline, Mount Rose...) depending on where you want to ski and your abilities.  And March is a GREAT time to come--it is sunny and warming up and you can ski in a sweatshirt and get some great color on your face :)  Spring skiing out here is my favorite.  If you want anymore information on this area page me on this board and I can try to help. 
  • I know you have already been to Park City and want to try something different, but if you do end up going to Utah for your honeymoon, let me know if you have any questions.  I grew up in Park City and am currently living there again.  If you need any hotel/restaurant/skiing/etc. info for anything in that area (Park City, Deer Valley or the Canyons) let me know!!
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    I noticed that you didn't mention Deer Valley or Beaver Creek.  Besides being luxury resorts, they also have other ski areas right down the road so you can branch out if you want.  As you probably already know, Deer Valley doesn't have a shared lift ticket like Beaver Creek does; or they do but you can't buy it at the resorts...  So Beaver Creek would allow for more flexible skiing. 

    There's a new Westin in Beaver Creek that should just fit in your budget.  It's a beautiful hotel - but I may be partial as that's where we had our reception and skied for the first part of our HM ;)  There's a link to the hotel in my bio.

    We went to Park City, Deer Valley, and The Canyons in December with friends and had an amazing time.  This time since we were a group we rented a condo using www.homeaway.com. That may be an option for you as well.

    I'd highly recommend those two because they are definitely among the plushest of ski resorts in North America and you deserve a little luxury on your HM ;) 

    Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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    And if you do end up finding deals on flights, I'd recommend the following Canadian resorts:

    Whistler - the most beautiful drive you'll ever take to a ski resort on the "Sea to Sky Highway."

    Lake Louise/Banff - incredible Fairmont "castle" hotels.  Seriously romantic and gorgeous, but no ski-in ski-out since the resorts are in a natural reserve...

    Tremblant - you can fly into Montreal and spend a few days there before you leave.

    March would probably be the best month for skiing Canada because it won't be too cold.  Plus, I seem to remember that the Canadian hotel rates included breakfast, so that's kind of like the AI you were looking for. 

    If you want true AI skiing, I think you'll have to go to Europe in which case I'd recommend Andorra.

    Good luck and keep us posted ;)

  • Beaver Creek, either the Hyatt or the Ritz.  They have AMAZING ski-in/ski-out in that they have their own lifts right outside the door, and ski valets!  You go down, they bring your nice warmed boots to you and take your shoes, then you go outside and someone hands you your skis and you're right at the lift...  At the end of the day, you ski right back there, hand them your skis, and trade your boots for your warmed shoes and a cup of tea or cocoa.  Pure luxury! 
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