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Bachelorette Ideas?

The wedding party I'm in is trying to figure out some ideas for a bachelorette party in August. We've run into a couple issues that are making it tricky for us to plan.

1) It has to be all-ages friendly. No bars, no clubs. The bride is more of just a casual drinker (as is most of the wedding party, if they even drink at all). But we also have two underage girls.

2) Budget friendly. We'll only have a few hundred to work with that needs to cover just about everything, hopefully.

3) Transportation. We'll either need to rent something or have 2 drivers, but only 3 of us (excluding the bride) are actually able to drive. None of us have our own vehicle (except the bride).

4) Space. Only one girl has her own apartment, but she's way out of town for everyone else. The only other person who may have a place available could be the bride, but she doesn't know where she'll be living yet.

Does anyone have any creative ideas that could work with this? I've thought about bowling or dinner, but no one else seems too keen on those ideas.

Re: Bachelorette Ideas?

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    Maybe a fondue night or something?

    Homemade fondue = a million times cheaper than restaurant fondue.  We used to do fondue, girly movies, etc. when we'd get the girls together at school.  That would require a place to go to though...

    Also, my sister works at the YMCA...and she rented their community center for the bridal shower she just threw for really cheap (you're also in Canada, so whether they have the Y is beyond me...)

    You could also have maybe a crafting night (again you'd need a place to go for this..)

    Or maybe some kind of outdoor activity?  Hiking or something?  Not really super girly, but it's age appropriate and just requires driving to get there...

    I don't drink much either, so I hope my future bridesmaids are as considerate as you. :)
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    My best friend's MOH is her 16 year old sister, so we need to have something age-friendly planned as well. We are talking right now about doing a scavenger hunt in Boston ending at a Red Sox game. Transportation will be the train going into the city, and everyone fend for themselves to get to the station. Maybe something like this will work for you?
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    My friends are talking about going to the local amusement park for my b-party. Would something like that work? Otherwise, do you have any fun theme restaurants? For example, for a friend's b-party, we went to a restaurant with a drag queen show and dancing downstairs. It was all-ages.
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    For my best friend I threw her a"lingerie" party, hosted by a Passion Parties rep. For drinks, we had wine and cosmos. I asked people to bring wine addition to sexy underwear and cash, so that saved me money on the liquor. The party rep didn't check IDs, which was a bonus, because we had 1 underage drinker. The bride was a virgin and had all sorts of questions about what to do. The drunker the bride got, the more sex toys were shown, and the more she bought with the cash we all brought for her. 

    For this all you would need would be someone's living room for the night. I had to have it at the brides because I was the only out of town guest

    Highly recommended!!!
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    Do you have any inexpensive hotels with pools nearby?  One of my BMs is only 20 so we're going to rent a hotel room, spend the day by the pool, then go to dinner.  After dinner the over 21s are going to go out and my BM will go home, but she's okay with it since she will have been with us the entire day.  A day by the pool is always fun and relaxing!
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