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Price of a bridesmaids updo

I am getting married near my hometown, where I do not currently live.  I am not requiring my bridesmaids to get their hair done because I am not paying for it, but I think most of them will probably want to.  I am trying to find a salon that I consider reasonably priced for them to get an updo if they choose.  What is the normal price range for a bridesmaids updo?   

Re: Price of a bridesmaids updo

  •  It depends on the area, ask around in the local board to where you are getting married or use a phone book and call nearby salons.

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  • I have been getting an idea of price ranges for my area.  I was just looking for a broad range from different areas because most of my bridesmaids are not from my local area - most are out of state.
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    Won't your BMs be getting their hair done in your area, though? They won't be having their hair done the morning of the wedding in various states, I presume.

    I think my girls paid $60 to $75 each.
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  • Hmmm, my BMs were part of a package but I think prices here range around $$65 and up.
  • It's $50-$60 in my area. Call some salons and see if they'll give you a deal like Stephanie said she had for her Bridesmaids. Alot of salons will give you package pricing if you can give them a guarantee of how many girls will be coming.

  • in my area, the price range is $35-50
  • Like most of the girls are saying, it does range.  I am paying $45 for my sister's upcoming wedding and for us that was a good find.  I would say on average, they run anywhere from $45-$65.
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  • 1) See if yelp.com has reviews for hair salons that do special event styling in your hometown, look for ones that have good reviews, check their websites for pricing (call if they don't have it posted although generally they do).

    2) Look for local vendors (hair stylists) on theknot and check out any links to the salons' websites.

    3) If you have an event coordinator for your reception venue, you might ask them if they have any recommendations.
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  • For my area, I've seen $36-50.
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