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Cupcake stands

So, I think I've pretty much decided that I want to do cupcakes instead of a traditional cake.  Our reception is more of a cocktail event with passed apps, etc.  Thus I think cupcakes make more sense, plus we have more flavor options... and well, I just love cupcakes.
I do plan on having a small cake on the top tier for cutting/show/display my DIY topper.

If anyone else is going this route, can you recommend a place?  (I've found a couple potential bakers, but have yet to do a tasting anywhere)

I think my biggest challenge will be finding a stand I like.  I do want the tiered look, but most of the ones I've seen are super tall and narrow, where I want a little wider with fewer tiers.
Considering just doing a search for serving-ware (not necessarily made for cupcakes)...
If I have no luck, I'll be commissioning my FI to create one out of steel (he used to be a welder by trade, now as a hobby).
Open to thoughts, recommendations and suggestions!

Re: Cupcake stands

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    I'm doing cupcakes for my wedding and was thinking of making them on my own but now I have a tasting set up at the Cozy Cakery in Burleson.

    I got my stand from Cupcake Tree. The price is good and you can choose the size that fits you best and decorate it to your liking. Here's the link: http://www.cupcaketree.com/test.html

    Hope this helps :)
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    I am doing the same thing as you are - a couple different flavors of cupcakes with a small top tier to cut into. I just like cupcakes a lot better than cake, so why not? I just had a tasting with Tabitha Ballard this weekend and really liked her so she's doing everything for us, and giving us the top 6 inch cake for free with the cupcakes. Her prices are very reasonable, here's her page: Tabitha's Cakes

    As far as the stand goes, I've seen this cardboard one online a couple of different places. You just decorate it however you want once you get it.
    Cupcake Tree

    I have also thought about getting some square boxes, covering them in cute paper, and stacking them (from biggest on the bottom to smallest, leaving room for one row of cupcakes around the outside of each layer going around the boxes). Then I would just arrange the rest of the cupcakes around the bottom because I know they won't all fit... I have also seen people use cute candle sticks of different heights and attach plates to the tops of them.
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    Thanks, y'all!
    I emailed Tabitha and bookmarked Cupcake tree (best I've seen yet!)
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    my bakery is actually known for their cupcakes and they are AWESOME.

    society bakery, on lower greenville. ask for Becky and tell her Bethany Keeler sent you!

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    also, HUGE bonus, when you go for your tasting, they'll send you home with a dozen cupcakes and it's FREE!

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    Um, free cupcakes?
    I think my heart-rate just accelerated.
    Thanks for the suggestion!
    I've heard of them (used to live in that area)... will check it out!
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    I'm doing the cupcake thing as well!
    I get so excited to see others doing the same thing I want to do :D

    I have to use Frosted Art Bakery in Dallas, they do great cupcakes too!

    I was thinking of taking measurements up to the Home Depot and asking if they could cut some wood for me, and I would nail the cake tree together myself.  I dont know how well that will work, but its an idea


    Good Luck!
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