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April 2012 Weddings

So Jealous and want it to happen right now!!

Hi guys! just wanted to post a little about how i'm feeling - don't know if anyone is in the same situation - our wedding is going to be 4/14/12..I have been engaged for almost a year already and we will be engaged for two years and 4 months when we are married.  I just can't wait!!!  Sometimes I get so anxious and want it to happen already - I guess I just get mad becaues everyone I talk to says "you have plenty of time"  or "oh wow! that's so far!"  I just want it to get to the point where people are so THRILLED for you and saying things like "OMG you are so close!" or "arn't you so excited?"  I know it is good to wait - I'm not stressed at all and I'm planning the way I want it to but I just feel like we should be married already after waiting for so long.  Any ideas on how to keep yourself busy and suddenly it's here and it's all so exciting???

I've tried not looking at the countdown lol because it's depressing when you see it's 500 days out but it's better than when it was 840 days away!! But any tips on how to make the next year exciting and until we get so much closer where everything is soooo exctiing and so close... i guess I just feel like it's still so far away! I mean I have another CHristmas to go! Lol!  Hope someone feels the same!!

Re: So Jealous and want it to happen right now!!

  • Im sure its just as hard for all of us who have a ways to go. I know I cant wait to have this wedding and finally be his wife and its sooooo hard sometimes when its so far away (or so it seems as this time will FLY by). Just make sure you check in with the board here for support and uplifting words as that is one of the many reasons the knot has the boards. If you ever want to vent or chat feel free to PM me. Its hard but just keep yourself busy and take the time that you have to truly enjoy planning your magical day!!!
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  • Don't be jealous the way I look at it is the more weddings I go to in this next year is how I really know what I want to happen and what I don't and maybe even steal some ideas!
    The last wedding I went to had food stations at the reception (I've never heard of that before) So that's one thing we've decided on I didn't want to give up my pasta he didn't want to give up his chicken.

    and don't count the days think of it as one last holiday you have to go through next year as a single lady 1 holiday is a smaller number than these triple digits on our countdowns!
  • This coming from the girl who had to wait seven years for her fiance to propose and I am NOT a patient person, but...  My wedding is 4/14/12 too.  Don't forget once your time comes then it will be passed...enjoy the anticipation while it lasts, knowing that it won't be forever but your marriage will be for the rest of your life!  Good luck with your planning and hang in there :-)
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  • I feel the same way!! I'm to the point where I want to elope! lol
    What I did to keep the excitement going was to totally drag out teh planning! I just purchased my wedding dress, but instead of paying it all off, I put it on layway. So in Dec I will have my dress. Then in March we will be getting our wedding bands (our jewler offers buy one get one in March). April we will be booking our venue.

    We all have lots of time, but that means we all get deals because we can book vendors far in advanced. It will go by fast.. I promise! and all of us wil be MARRIED!!
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  • I never thought of it that way. As one more holiday to go through as a single lady. I've too felt like its so far away and people have made such rude remarks to me like why are you waiting so long or oh its so far out. I've already kept myself busy planning and getting ideas and going to bridal shows and i pretty much have a lot of stuff picked out already. I have the ultimate vision in my head. My MOH and close girl friend are like geez you are going to have your wedding planned a year out. We've already selected the church, reception venue, DJ, photographer. And i've already bought my dress, headpiece, jewelry and favors. Is that bad????
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