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October 2012 Weddings

Tasty Tuesday

Whats good this week for dinner?

Re: Tasty Tuesday

  • I made a pork tenderloin last night. Wow, really good. I used this new Weber seasoning To marinate it first with apple juice FI has a Weber grill so he was impressed. It was sooo good, tender, and juicy. Tonight is pot roast, one of my favs!!
  • Yesterday we had a BBQ at FMIL's so that was easy. Here's how the rest of the week looks:

    Tuesday - Tasting/Menu selection at venue (yay!)
    Wendesday - DIY
    Thursday - FI's night to cook
    Friday - Rose chicken pasts
    Saturday - Probably pork tenderloin.
  • Yesterday, we had lasagna and will have leftovers tomorrow. Tonight is bowling night so bowling alley food it is. Yum.
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  • Chicken, chicken and more chicken.  I may take out some stew beef and do something with that.  I am not sure what though.  I really want to use the crockpot but FI doesn't like it plugged in all day when we are not there.  :(
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  • Tonight- FI is taking me out but won't tell me where Wednesday- veggie quesadillas Thursday- chicken of some kind Friday- homemade pizza night
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  • Making homemade chicken pot pie tonight. Yum!
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  • Tonight I think we are just going to go lazy and have baked chicken thighs, rolls, and some type of vegetable.

    I want to make parmesan chicken this week and try out a few recipes like grilled buffalo chicken, or some other ones I have pinned lately :)

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    KT - care to share your pot pie recipe? I have always wanted to try one.

    Last night was FI's birthday and we wanted stromboli's from a pizza place in town that we love:)

    Tonight I will be attempting the pad thai that aimee posted about last week (Im soo excited to try it :) )

    Wednesday we are headed out to a dinner for FI's birthday and my dad's birthday -which is today

    Thursday will be chicken quesadillas and rice

    Friday will be slow cooker salsa chicken (<---click)
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  • Chicken and veg every night...lol

    for FI
    last night he had leftovers
    tonight- Chicken & Chickpeas in the crockpot
    wed- leftovers
    fri- ?
  • I see this post and am reminded weekly how I need to get on the ball and plan our weekly meals!!  Typically we eat a salad and chicken so I'm guessing thats what we are having all week :-)
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  • Last night was our meatless Monday, so we had tofu sausage and spaghetti.  Tonight FI has softball, so I'm on my own.....we will see what I come up with quickly.  Then the rest of the week I think we are going to do a fajitas night, and....I don't remember what's on the list!  ha

  • Tonight we're having stuffed tomatoes.  My mom has a garden with some really beautiful tomatoes that are just perfect.  I'll stuff them with sauteed veggies like squash, zucchini, onions, and eggplant.  Delish, and so healthy I can't stand it.
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  • My mom is in town tonight so we'll probably go out somewhere. Last night was barbeque pork chops and fresh sweet corn. We're terrible at planning ahead so I have no clue for the rest of the week!
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  • Last night I made maple soy salmon and veggies. Tonight is mixed berry pancakes. Tomorrow is grilled chicke, rice and veggies. Thursday I have soccer, so probably a salad. Friday is dinner with the parental units, I dont know what my mom is cooking.
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  • You girls are all so inspiring.  I never know what we are eating for dinner.  We get home and do the "what do you want" game every night.  I have this stigma from when I was a child and meals were planned in advance that I just cannot overcome.  I have to decide what I want for dinner that day.  It's a stupid expensive way to live. I cannot tell you how many times FI and I get into a tiff because we don't know what to eat for dinner. 
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    Yesterday (Monday) - dijon mustard turkey tenderloin, sweet potato fries, veggies.
    Tonight (Tuesday) - Mexican stuffed shells (click), tortilla chips & salsa
    Wednesday - chicken and sausage jambalaya (click) and cornbread
    Thursday - out to dinner with future SMIL
    Friday - FI has a gig at a venue I don't care for, so I'm making cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce for myself, then MOH and I are hanging out.
    Saturday - cookout at a BM's house
    Sunday - smoky spice rubbed salmon w/ black beans and corn (click) is planned, but we may walk down to the Italian Festival a few blocks down and grab a bite.
  • I crock pot Chicken this weekend with taco seasoning ( well 2 parts chilli powder, 1 part cumin, 1 part crushed red peppers) and a little chicken broth... and shredded it in the kitchenaid.  FI and my schedules are all over the place that we can both reheat it and make chicken tacos or chicken salad etc when we are home.  

    I  also tried Kraft's new shake crust things... and breaded chicken with it.  Then I'll make zuchini from my dad's garden for a side. 
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  • made homemade pizza tonight. 4 different kinds actually, because everyone likes something different.  One kid likes chicken and onions, one likes bbq chicken with bacon, onions and pineapple, FI likes only cheese, and for myself a veggie pizza on a wheat crust very light on the cheese.

    They turned out really geat!
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  • We are grilling out tonight.  Teriyaki-marinated Ribs, Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower, and a Tossed House Salad
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