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Rehearsal Dinner when you're guests are out of town

Hey All,
We are working on having a rehearsal dinner after the rehearsal the night before the wedding... I noticed on here it'snot mandatory to invite out of town guests.... but what do you do when the majority (85-90%) of your guests are from out of state?  If anyone has any suggestions or have gone through something similar that would be great!!!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner when you're guests are out of town

  • If you don't want to host all of your OOT guests at the rehearsal dinner (which is fine, we didn't - we would have had two receptions essentially), you could do a couple of things.  You could put restaurant information (take out or delivery menus and restaurant suggestions) in a welcome bag for your guests and they could make their own choices.  You could also host a cocktail hour or meet and mingle - something snacky - for OOT guests for a period of time before or after the rehearsal.

     We wound up, due to timing of decorating and rehearsal, going with the first option but would have liked to host something if we had been able to make the timing work.

  • Thanks!!! That's helpful Smile I really like the meet and mingle idea...
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