What is the best month to have an outside reception in Tahoe?

HI ladies, I am having a desination wedding in Lake Tahoe! I was originally thinking of the middle of June but now think it may be too cold. I already have my dress and it is strapless and BEAUTIFUL! We are having the ceremony at Glen Alpine Falls too. So, which month do you think is best for our wedding date??? TIA!!! =)

Re: What is the best month to have an outside reception in Tahoe?

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    July and August are the warmest months, though September is pretty nice too. You always run the risk of afternoon thunderstorms, no matter the time of year. (Don't worry, these aren't that common and usually don't last long if they do strike). 
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    Ours was June 11th, and it snowed the week before our wedding!! By the time we got there it had all melted.. but we cut it very very close! It was pretty chilly at night too, maybe in the 40s or so, but it was gorgeous during the day! 
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    Ours will be held next August. If you do an early day one the sun can be the best lightsing.
  • June can be hit or miss with the weather.  So plan to have something pretty to cover your shoulders with. And plan to be ok with the possibility of light snow or a beautiful clear day. The good news is that the water fall should still be going about that time of year, with it being such a dry winter there might not be much falling later in the summer. Best of luck!
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