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Hey there everyone.  I am looking for a non-religious wedding officiant in Boulder - - - preferrably older male - - - does anyone have any good suggestions?  Please help!  Getting desperate!  :)

Re: Wedding Officiant - Boulder

  • did you know you can officiate your own wedding? 

    that might be a better option for you, here's the law:

    Officiants: Couples themselves may solemnize their own marriage (C.R.S 14-2-109). They must apply for paper work from the County Courthouse in order to do this. However, friends or relatives can not solemnize their marriage. Out-of-state Clergy need not be registered in Colorado.

    Solemnizing a Marriage: Couples themselves may solemnize their own marriage (perform one's own marriage ceremony). According to Colorado Revised Statute 14-2-109, a marriage may be solemnized by a judge of a court; by a court magistrate; by a retired judge of the court; by a public official whose powers include solemnization of marriages; by Indian tribe officials; by clergy; by the parties to the marriage. If you wish to solemnize your own marriage, you will be responsible for acquiring, completing and returning

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  • I second what sakana said! If you go that route, you can have anyone you want (friend, relative, etc.) perform the cermeony, and then you and your FI sign the paperwork and list yourselves as the officiant, too. It's super-easy, I've had friends who have done it.
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