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It's dead as hell in here. So what's up? How's life? Anything new? How about a post-holiday synopsis? I worked about 50 hours in 3.5 days the week leading up to Christmas. It has been pretty slow since then and although it hurts my paycheck, having 4 days off in a row has been heavenly. I spent the better part of December thinking I accidentally got pregnant but it turned out not to be so (phew!). So after dodging that bullet, I've now dedicated myself to re-starting the diet/gym routine that I have been ignoring entirely since the wedding. I'm so mad at myself for not going back. We have a concert to go to in Austin next month and a wedding and maaaaybe SXSW in march, so I gotta figure out if we can afford all that as well as my BMs San Diego wedding in May. The end. What's your story?


  • I agree - it is pretty dead!  Do you work in retail?  That's crazy working that many hours - but the OT is nice!  I haven't been doing too much.  I have however dedicated myself to working out and losing some weight.  DH and I will be on a cruise in less than a month, and I would like to lose a few!  I worked out yesterday, and boy are my legs sore as h*ll today! 
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  • We've been gone too much lately! We were gone this weekend to my parents house for my mom's birthday and a going away lunch with a good friend. Then while I was home, my grandpa had a stroke (we think) so now we are waiting to see how things will go. He couldn't talk at all when they went to ER yesterday, then when we went to visit him his speech was clear and normal. Now today he can't talk again. He can move, squeeze hands, follow commands, but the speech is all garbled.
    I've been feeling pretty crummy for a little over a week now. My chest has been heavy and tight and it feels like I'm exerting way too much effort to breathe. But I haven't had a fever or a cough, just a little bit of a stuffy nose, so I'm not really sure what's wrong. I'm trying to wait it out until Thursday when I have my physical.
    Other than that, not too much new here. Just trying to relax and debating on going out for a walk since it's semi-sunny and warm today.
  • Sorry to hear about your grandpa, Jurbs, I hope he continues to improve.

    I, too, need to get back in the gym/diet routine. I have been majorly slacking. But we finally, after waiting forever, got our wedding pictures back. We were actually getting nervous that they would suck. But we were happy, and now I just need to work on some picture books for family. Here's a preview:

  • Jurbs, sorry to hear about your grandpa.  I'm keeping your family in my thoughts as he hopefully continues to improv!

    My story is that I'm in a show at my community theatre that opens this weekend, so I've been there almost every night.  Thankfully H is on the backstage crew for the show, or I'd literally not see him all week except for when we're sleeping.

    I'm also training for a half marathon in Feb and really have to get back to training.  Esp with my rehearsal schedule it's been hard.  I ran 5 miles on Saturday and need to do 6 this weekend.  I hope I get enough training in over the next 7 weeks.  The race & flights down to Disney for it were expensive and I don't want H to feel like it's a waste of time to go if I can't run it properly!
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    Nothing too exciting here. Christmas involved a lot of working and traveling to family stuff. It was fun though. Work is a lot less crazy now that Christmas is over, thank goodness! I'm not a big fan of working retail to begin with, and Christmas makes us 2-3x as busy.

    H and I moved into a house a few weeks ago so I spend my free time decorating and doing small tasks. I want to start going to the gym, but I need to wait until I get my back checked out and my health insurance doesn't start til Feb. I need to find a new hobby also. I used to be really active in multiple groups/organizations in college and now I do nothing except go to work and sit at home. Even if I just find something to do while at home, I'll feel a lot more productive to society :P
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