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::::Little Sweetie:::::

Hello!  I remember you knowing a lot about monograms.  I am still frusterated that many sites say the the girl's initial goes first.   I just think it looks better the other way, I don't know why.

I think you said that it is that way before the wedding and after the wedding it switches to the guy's first initial going first.  Is that right?

I am asking because I am about to purchase the bridesmaids' gifts and I am using their monograms.  Also for a single lady I would enter her first initial, middle and then last name right? 

Thanks for your help!!!!
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Re: ::::Little Sweetie:::::

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    Oh monograms :)  This is just an etiquette thing I remember, why I'm not sure.

    For weddings, the woman's name is supposed to go first.  It's always the GirlsName-GuysName wedding (never Guysname-Girlsname wedding).  Goes for first names, last names, monograms, etc.

    For couples, let's say Ben and Krista Johnson.  Their monogram on a towel, for instance, would be bJk.  Guy's first inital, then last name initial, then girl's first initial.

    For a single person or for someone who's monogramming something for themself, let's say Krista Marie Johnson, it would be kJm.  First initial, last initial, middle initial.  

    The last name is always the big letter.  Then the next most important initial is the guy's first name's initial or just a first initial.  Then the girl's first name or the middle initial.

    Does that all make sense?!  Upper/lower case doesn't really matter, I was just using it to illustrate the point.  Usually the middle letter of the monogram has more emphasis, like capitalized or bigger.  HTH!!
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    Thank you!!!! 
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