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Graduation, Proposal, December wedding?!?

Hey everyone...
He proposed last weekend!! Laughing On October 16th also known as Sweetest Day (true holiday) We went to Haagen-Dazs ice cream cafe on the San Antonio River Walk and sat at a little table at the top of winding staircase over looking the river. 
He pulled out a tiny ice-cream cup with a slanted spoon inside on the end of the spoon was my ring. He set the cup on the table and while sitting across from me, he said, "I'm as close to kneeling as i can get (he was in his blues) will  you marry me?" I said YES!! and asked if i could kiss him lol Laughing 
so exciting lol
with everything going on with his job and getting stationed, we will probably be getting married in December 2010. Yes, this year!! i'm freaking out!!! it could possible be a little later- the beginning of January... lol we thought we had till June...
any advice on how to get the ball rolling on all of this would be appreciated... oh yeah he is Airforce lol 
hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday Smile

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Re: Graduation, Proposal, December wedding?!?

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    You need to decide if you want a big or small wedding. Start a guest list. That will allow you to start looking at venues. You need to decide all the things that you want. Need to start booking venue and all of that ASAP, because of it being so close. That will get you started. :) GL! Need any suggestions or help just post and we will try our best to help!
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    Two uniforms, Two Hearts, One love.
  • verymegvverymegv
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    hi!!! wow! congratulations!!

    to get the ball rolling, just start! decide on how large you want your wedding and book a venue ASAP!

    also, just a word of advice, since you are having your wedding so close, don't worry yourself with tiny details that no one cares about. decide what means most to you as far as details go, and then decide as soon as possible on those. but don't freak out if you cant find the perfect motif for your place cards...it just doesn't matter.

    have fun!! this is so exciting!!


  • kara811kara811
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Glad to hear your trip to Texas went very well!!! That's so awesome! And like PPs said, figure out where and how you would like to get married. Then determine your budget and guestlist! Then you better start looking and booking venues ASAP since you want to do it either December and January. Good Luck! Happy Planning!
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    Congrats! I'm a December bride too!

    Considering December is only 2 months away you need to get to booking. Also understand that you may have to make some sacrifices. Most wedding venues are booked a good 6 months before the actual date so you may not be able to book your "dream venue" Also, consider booking your wedding on an "off day" such as a Sunday or weekday. This will get you better rates and may also be what you need to book that "dream venue" when you find it. Immediately begin looking for photographers and cake bakers as these are two vendors that need to be booked well in advance. You might as well loosen the purse strings now because you will be paying for a wedding in 2 months instead of in gradual payments over 1 year. Also, if you find that you can't get what you want then don't feel bad putting the wedding off until next year. You could always run to the court-house and renew your vows later at the beautiful ceremony you've always wanted.

    Good luck! Don't let the stress get to you.

  • rnewburry2008rnewburry2008
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    So that's pretty much exactly what happened to me. Though I didn't get the official proposal. We just decided that we were getting married, and we are doing it in December since he has leave. Then when he's done with tech school we can begin our life together! I just wanted to share our similarities...I don't have much advice since I am in the same position.
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    o wow pp
    yeah my parents said they would not contribute at all until there was an official proposal but my fiance and i had been planning still to... it was for june though!!

    thankfully stuff is coming together we both have very supportive and active extended families
    all dresses have been ordered, church and officiants reserved... still waiting to hear back from the reception venue... and then can decided on how to do the music.... guest list almost finished... cousin is an artist and printer so she is designing and printing all the stationary... have some flowers 

    all shower dates locked in... and so it mostly focusing on the 21hrs of school to finish up oof... 
    o yeah and i still have to figure out the cake!! ah! forgot that almost lol

    hope everyone else's planning is going well Smile
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  • roaaoiferoaaoife
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    If you decide you really want a big wedding with all the bells and whistles, one option is to JP it now, and have a big vow renewal ceremony when you get to your next base.  
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