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September 2012 Weddings

why the wait?

Out of curiousity, what's your reason for getting married in 2012?

FI and I got engaged in April and we are waiting until I get done with grad school (next August) before we get married. We're also hoping to get a place together (he lives in IN) before we get married. September is our target month because of the Chicago weather; hopefully it won't be too hot or cold then :)

Re: why the wait?

  • We're waiting because we want to be more financially stable, and because we haven't actually been dating that long (this time) and wanted to avoid the side-eye from family
  • we got engaged in january (on our 2 year anniversary!) and we're waiting because he's currently stationed in new orleans with the coast guard. his term there is done in march and he'll be back here for another term in jersey so he needed some time to get back here, find a place and settle in. it was also for financial reasons since we're paying for everything. i couldn't even imagine having to had put everything together for next year. i like being able to breathe knowing i have some time.

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  • Waiting until we are all done with school. We also want enough time to save enough money. It's kind of weird because my parents are getting divorced right now and we just got engaged. So we don't know if we are going to be getting much help from them.
  • We're waiting until my FI is done with law school. He'll be graduating that spring, so the fall is perfect! :)

    Not to mention having all this time is fantastic!
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  • There's a ton of reasons my fiance and I are waiting. We have three weddings to attend (two of which my fiance is a best man for and one is a destination wedding). We also bought a house this year that won't be finished until March 2011 and we are paying for the wedding ourselves.
  • I am waiting because of finishing grad school and we are paying for the wedding ourselves.  Crazy, how much weddings cost now-a-days
  • Money, money, money. It'll give us time to pay things off over time as opposed to going into debt trying to pay for it all in a short period of time.

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  • We're very, very happy right now, enjoying our engagement and are in no rush. We're having a destination wedding in Jamaica and want to be able to save enough to have the wedding of our dreams and give people ample time to save so they can join in our celebration.

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  • Pretty much the same reasons... FI is finishing school and will be done in the spring of 12.  We are also paying for a lot of it ourselves so we are trying to save up as much as we can.  We might be moving right after he finishes school (depending on where he can find a job) so we would like to have a good amount saved for that, too.  Plus it's just so much less stressful to have more time!
  • Same reasons here. We are paying for as much of it ourselves as we can without going into debt so we really need to save save save.  Plus it gives us time to really get everything we want out of the wedding/ceremony/reception/time with family and friends. 
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  • I will be finished with Radiology School in July '12 and figured it would be easier if we waited . And even tho we have been together 4.5 years dome family members lecture us on getting married so young (He's 21 and I'm almost 21). Figured 23 and 22 was a better age to keep everyone happy (and shut them up Wink )

    If I had my way I would run away and marry him tonight! Kiss

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    I will be student teaching in spring 2012 and wanted to wait until I was done to get married. It works for us....but people still give us the stupid looks when we tell them we are waiting two years. Oh well! :)
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  • MONEY!

    Haha, that and he'll finish school in May 2011 so I don't want to stress about it. I'm also a firm believer that planning a wedding should be fun and I like to explore EVERY option before making a choice and with working 40hrs/wk this really gives me a chance to do that :)
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  • my fiance and i are graduating six months before our wedding and we r saving money..
  • We decided to wait so we are able to have the wedding of our dreams since we are paying for most of the wedding ourselves. It is a first wedding for both of us and we rather wait and do it right!
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  • We are waiting til 2012 because i will be done with school and our daughter will be out of daycare the extra time to save money is a great bonus as well as the ease of planning 

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