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MOH STILL has not ordered her dress!!!

I'm getting REALLY frustrated here....Alfred Angelo said dresses had to be ordered by Dec. 31.  A few of the girls put it off until January, and the pregnant one and another one even waited until February.  My MOH STILL has not ordered her dress and we're two months away from the wedding!!!!  Even rushing it, there is NO guarantee that it will be here, or that it can be altered.  I'm beyond irritated at this point!

This very well could be my first bridezilla moment...
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Re: MOH STILL has not ordered her dress!!!

  • OMG I would be in panic mode! My bridesmaids dress were supposed to only take 3mths but it turned out to be 5mths and we are going tomorrow to try them on. My MOH also ordered her dress late so she is cutting it very close on the alterations. Im sorry that they are putting you through more stress. That sucks.
  • Oooh my god I would have smacked some sense into her already lol.
  • I know the feeling I had a bridesmaid drop out and my MOH is prego and we don't think the dress she had was going to fit her. So I got online and ordered her a new dress thank god davids bridal ships things in like 2 days and my replacement BM fits into my MOH's orignal dress and I found someone to wear the dress that the girl who dropped out was going to wear. So thank god I only had to order 1 replacement dress that might have been ordered anyway.
  • Does your MOH NOT LIKE the dress everyone else is wearing????  If not, first of all, she should have told you that long ago.  Anywho, she should choose a dress that she likes and get her butt in gear and order the thing!! 

    I let my girls choose the style.... and I had control over the color (they weren't crazy about).. but oh well, it's my wedding. LOL   The girls are all in a strapless gown, but my MOH's is slightly different (we (mh MOH & I) are older, and she choose one more "figure flattering"). All of the girls will look FABULOUS.

    I hate to ask this question.... does your MOH WANT to be in your wedding??  Sit her down and ask her what the story is.

    Thank god I'm not the only one going through this!
    Mine isnt a MOH though... it's just a bridesmaid... She's been telling me for 3 months that she's going "next weekend" to get her dress....well this weekend is her last chance... then i'm gonna have to go BRIDEZILLA on her A$$!!!!! I'm so frustrated and upset because it's not like she's going to be giving me enough time to find someone else if she does deside not to get it... Our only saving grace is that we ordered from davids so it shouldnt take long! Sorry you are going through it too!
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  • Holy mother...I would have turned to violence months ago...I am so sorry she is adding stress to an already stressful situation. You already have so much on your plate you don't need to be babysitting grown women as well!! I hope you can get this resolved immediately. At this point what else is there to say but "order the dress today or unfortunately you will not have one and won't be able to participate." I just don't understand why she would make this so hard on you. Keep us posted.

  • I totally would not blame you for going bridezilla on her ass.  I'd be pissed. 
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  • I'd be really ticked off at her. There's no reason to wait this late.
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  • I think I would be freaked out to . . . but one of my BM is having her dress made for her.  She stops by once a week with the tailors to see how it's coming. 80% done this week.
  • I would absolutely be going bridezilla. I flat out ordered everyone's in January for them because they were all being slackers about it. But now I am trying to get them to pay me back. grr.
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