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April 2010 Weddings

awwww - work

so as most of you might know - i am the only female in an all male division at work. 1 girl (me) and over a dozen men - all over 50...so when i came back to work on monday from the wedding/honeymoon i was told by my boss to tell chris that he and i HAD to be at a meeting at 1130 at the server plant on another base (note: chris does NOT even work in computers - red flag #1 - lol) and that if chris' boss had an 'issue' with that, to call the operation center's cheif (my boss).

well we show up for this 'meeting' and it's a picnic (which we found out on tuesday because the guys totally sux at keeping secrets)

anyhow- they had my "e-announcement" that i had sent out (a digital pdf version of our real announcement and a collage of our preview pro pics) printed out, framed and hung on the fence with "danger, do not cross" yellow tape forming a heart around the frames - (remember, these are GUYS here throwing what is a bridal reception).

Then they BBQ'ed and had beer (Mandah, you'll know the good stuff!). Chris had to be ROLLED out of there - HAHA!  Anyways, one of the guys' wives was there and she had went shopping for the group gift to Chris and I. A pure pewter vase, letter opener and holder, and a bridal "seal" (think 8" coin) that had a bridal carriage fairytale style and it was engraved with our names and wedding date engraved on the front and the office on the back - totally KEWL!!!!!!!....

seriously - how sweet was that?
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Re: awwww - work

  • how thoughtful! sounds like a good time!

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