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a little help

i went to pick up my dress yesterday and ending up having an emotional breakdown...the dress was really tight and was causing some unsightly fat buldges to come out the top of the was bad.
the alterations manager said that it could be let out so it wouldnt do that. but honestly it dont want him to let it out. i want to fit in it.

i have a little under 5 months till the weddinf (oct 30) and i am determained to lose weight and look fabulous in my dress. . .

i need some help though..i am a very very pick eater and i work a crazy schedule so i usally end up eating fast food...which obviously i need to stop doing..

so my question is do any of yall have any suggestions for QUICK & TASTEY meals that are healthy...
cause i cook vey well, just not very health
if you have any sugguestion or recipes please help.

ps.. sorry for any spelling or grammar errors... i was in a rush while typing this...

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    you can do this - and diet is a pretty big part of it. google searches are good ways for finding healthy recipe sites. a lot of the girls here love hungry girl's recipes as well. since you can cook, you probably won't have much trouble, because something i've noticed is that healthy recipes are usually much simpler than unhealthy ones!

    my advice would be to track what you're eating to keep yourself in check. a food journal is a great way to truly see what shape your diet is in. just be honest! you mentioned that you're busy, so i would keep healthy snacks around and ready for you - maybe grill a large amount of chicken on a sunday to have for salads or wraps all week, or keep fruit washed and veggies cut up in your fridge so you can bag them and take them with you on your way. trust me, it takes some adjusting, but you can manage it. good luck!
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    raynesraynes member
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    The first thing that comes to mind when reading your post is that you need to stop making excuses.

    i need some help though..i am a very very pick eater and i work a crazy schedule so i usally end up eating fast food...which obviously i need to stop doing..

    is just a string of excuses that won't allow you to get anywhere.

    Now, to answer your question.  What kinds of things are you looking for? Lunches?  Dinners?  Check out for some ideas.  I personally haven't made anything from there, but it's loved by a lot of people.

    For me, I usually do salads for lunch (topped w/ protein and good fats) and some sort of protein for dinner (usually grilled this time of year, chicken, pork or fish) with a big side of veggies, cooked in some fashion (either steamed in the micro, or grilled).  Usually it's done pretty quickly.

    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    Frozen dinners like SmartOnes are cheap and easy. Does your work have a fridge? You could take one each day to make sure you have something decent for lunch. Make sure you are having breakfast as well. Try to find a good cereal like Special K and have it each morning with skim milk. It really depends on how much you need to lose but just dieting probably won't get you were you want to be in less than 5 months. So try and pick up walking or do 100 sit ups each morning before work.

    I am actually going to be trying Jazzercise tomorrow. I am super excited about it. They are one hour work outs and most people burn 350 to 600 calories per session! It's an upbeat and modern way to lose weight . . its basically dancing. Check out to see if they have a local gym close to you . . they are running a summer deal right now that you would use.
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    I love Cooking Light's recipes. I try new ones every month when it comes in the mail. Having something new to cook has made getting excited about changing the way I eat much easier. I look forward to new spins on chicken and turkey and like learning about new fruits and veggies. If you like to cook, start there, keep a food diary and vow to try new recipies. Like a PP said, a lot of healthy recipes take less than 30min to make. Work on getting excited about and discovering new healthy food first and then start to work in more activity.
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    Lotsa salads, chicken, no red meat.

    Also, if you belong to a gym, 20-30 minutes a few times a week on the rowing machine will work wonders for you!

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