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October 2010 Weddings

My wedding cake cost $24.... yeah, that's right. $24!

I can't believe I did not take a photo!! My mom and I went to Pigeon Forge (4 hour drive) yesterday for our hair trial (photos to come!) and we stopped by kroger to order our appetizer trays. The caterer wanted a stupid amount for them! I asked the lady about cakes, too and she walked me over to the cooler where she showed me a wedding cake that they STOCK on a daily basis! Of COURSE they do! Gatlinburg is the "Wedding capital of the south!" Why did this never occur to me?! 

It's an adorable one tier square cake with ivory buttercream icing, a few ivory roses on the corner, and a lace-looking swag all the way around it. BEAUTIFUL! So we got that (for $24) and I also ordered 4 dozen cupcakes for everyone else. $7 a dozen - we got 1/2 Chocolate and 1/2 white, all with matching ivory icing. 

I will make some wrap-around cupcake labels from scrapbook paper for them, and I will make a couple of dollar-store cake stands at different levels to display them all on.

I can't believe I've been worried about this cake thing for like a YEAR and it was this cheap and simple!! YAY KROGER BAKERY!!

I also got 4 trays of aps (feeds 64 people) for cocktail hour. Everything all together will be less than $150 after tax.  Woot wot!!

MARRIED 10.10.10 !!

October 2010 Siggy Challenge - walking down the aisle!


Re: My wedding cake cost $24.... yeah, that's right. $24!

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