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  • This happened to me too.  Best advice I can give you is to kindly tell the girls that you need to be kept out of the drama.  Tell them that you love them, but that they need to work it out amongst themselves.  I did this.  It is the best thing I did for myself in wedding planning.  The girls will understand. When I made this stand everything started to go smoother (at least to my knowledge).  They are there to love and support you,  throw you a shower/bach party and stand up for you that day, period.

    Also, even though they're driving you crazy, try to remember their goal is to make things awesome for you.  Their hearts are in the right place! :)
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  • I'm sorry you are going through this.  If your wedding is 10 months away why are they planning the bridal shower now?  It seems early.
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  • I agree with PP, you should tell them to work it out.  However, I think it is a terrible assumption  that people think it's only the MOH that is supposed to throw a shower.  It can be anyone, from family members, to BMs, to coworkers. 

    When you do tell your BMs and MOH that they need to work out all drama with each other, you may want to kindly remind your MOH that she shouldn't take control b/c it isn't something she should be the president of, and if she still feels that way, then she should count herself lucky that so many people want to help and foot the bill with her b/c that's a rare occasion in itself. 
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  • They're planning the shower already?  Damn.
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  • Ugh, I feel your pain! I have the exact same problem except its my MOH that everyone hates.  She has done everything for my shower and stuff without asking any of the bridesmaids and is now asking a large chunk of money from each them to cover the cost.  She is basically barking out orders to them.  The girls are upset because they wanted to help and have some input and they arent sure why they are being asked to pitch in so much money for what she did.  I completely agree with some of the girls concerns and can totally understand them being hurt that she just did everything on her own.  They are driving me crazy though.  Everytime someone says something it all comes back to me.  My MOH calls to complain about the girls and the girls call me to complain about whats going on. Finally one of my girls has emailed my MOH and stood up to her about everything going on.  I'm hoping it all works out but I am scared that the wedding is going to be a disaster becuase they cant stand eachother!
  • Our wedding is August 11.  I'm hoping that they can pull it all together but I dont know.  Things seem to be coming to a head this week with a few nasty emails being sent back and forth between my girls :( Hopefully, they manage to work things out! I told them I just want them to all get along. The sad thing is if they had met eachother under other circumstances I know they would all get along! Hopefully your girls pull together too! I couldn't agree more that everyone should just want to have a good time! I just want everyone to enjoy this time.  There is no reason it should be so stressful for anyone!!
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