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April 2011 Weddings

Hello Monday

Hi friends!
I remember that several of you are off today, so it may be a quiet day on here. I hope everyone had nice weekends! I worked, as usual, and now I'm off till Friday.
I found a really interesting fireworks show I want DH and I to go too... I love fireworks, and this particular show has been rated in the top 5 in the country because it's put to music and supposed to be awesome:


Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Re: Hello Monday

  • gundy21gundy21 member
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    Hi ladies!

    I don't like having the 4th of July on a Wednesday - it makes for a strange week.  I have 2 days of work, a day off, and then two more days of work.

    We got some much-needed cleaning done around the house over the weekend.  Got to see some friends in Madison (where J used to live - about 1.5 hours away), and I scored at the Old Navy Outlet.  For $90 I got: 3 pairs of jeans, a pair of yoga pants (for sailing), a pair of leggings, 4 tank tops, 1 tech tee (moisture wicking - also for sailing) and a Tshirt for J.  Yay for deals!
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  • Happy Monday!  I have the day off, which means I have access to be able to post.  

    Alex got home a little over an hour ago from a weekend in Pittsburgh and Cincinatti.  He'll be home til Thursday when he leaves for Chicago, Minneappolis, Anneheim, Oakland and Denver (he'll be back the 23rd/24th).  We're going to take gus to the park in a little bit and tire him out so we can enjoy our day.  Maybe we'll hit lowes later and look at paint colors - 4weeks from today we close on our house!

    I had a dull weekend - worked Saturday and was lazy yesterday.  Should have cleaned a bit more - so have to do a bit of that today.  
  • Good morning!  Ape, we are going to dinner at Sweet Basil and then plan on watching kaboom town from there.  It beats having to fight the traffic :)

    K, I agree about 4th of July being in the middle of the week.  I had a bunch of things planned out, only to realize that I'm going to be off that day.  It's a little confusing.

    Sarah, have fun at the part with Gus!

    We are officially living in the townhome!!  The move went really well, and our first night was great.  I've got a few pics that I'll post on here soon.



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  • Morning April! I was thinking of you this weekend as I was reading that book. I'm really enjoying it.
    Our weekend was great, we just kind of hung out and relaxed. the farmers market was cool, very crowded but lots of great fresh produce.
    this week is going to be strange with the holiday right in the middle! i'm trying to decide if i'm actually going to take the day off or not. i have "leave time" that i can use for sick, vacation or holiday -- which means if i use it for holiday, i have less time off for vacation coming up. but if i don't, i have to work while DH is home, or make up the time in the rest of the week. blech.
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    April- so jealous that you are off until Friday! That fireworks show looks awesome!

    K- I hear you, I can't get it through my head that I will be off Wednesday. It sucks that it is in the middle of the week.

    Sarah- Hope your DH liked Pgh! The traffic was pretty bad getting around town because the concert and our Regatta. If you don't like the paint smell go for Olympic brand paint, almost no smell and the colors are really nice!

    Laura- Yay for moving into your first place! It is a cool feeling knowing you own a piece of the world now!

    Lisa- sucks for the time off dilemma. But glad you had a great weekend!

    Our weekend was nice, since we couldn't get out of the city when we wanted to we decided to go shopping in our area on Sat and pick up a quarter keg for the 4th. Sunday we cleaned and hung out in the house. We both felt like bums and guilty for staying inside but it was so hot sitting out on the porch was just too sweaty.
    We were invited to go see the movie "Ted" with a bunch of friends tomorrow. I will let everyone know how it is. I've been hearing good things about it even though it looks odd.
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  • Ashley, let me know how Ted is! DH and I are going to try to see it Thursday.



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  • Hi girls!

    Weekend was good.. but not long enough. Friday I went to the fair and had a jumbo corndog! It was exactly what I wanted. Mom and I had a great night.
    Saturday I went for a hike with my mom, her friend and Sadie. We ran in to coyotes and tons of cattle. Just a little scary with the coyote incident. I was ready to kick the sh!t out of them if they came at us. Then I skyped with my sister for 2 hours! It was awesome to talk to her.
    Sunday I saw Magic Mike with a GF. We had a great time and the movie was good also. Then I had a humungous migrain and relaxed the rest of the night.
    Today is back to work :( then heading to the gym. SHould be a relaxing evening.

    Ape- Jealous of your week off!
    K- I'm not liking the Fourth being on Wednesday either. It's throwing me off. You got great deals at Old Navy!!
    Sarah- Crazy schedule A has. I hope you get tons of time together this week. I can't believe how big gus is getting!!
    Laura- YAy for being in your home!!
    Ashley- Don't feel guilty about being bums. Sometimes you jsut have to do it!
  • Girlie1030Girlie1030 member
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    Mornin all. 

    I'm in the camp of the weird work week.  Oh well, I'll take a day off whenever I can get it. 

    Yay Thumper!!  Can't wait to see pictures!
    K, I need to go shopping with you!  That was quite the haul. 
    Snickers, glad you didn't have to do any coyote kicking.  I've run into one once out here but it scared the ever loving life out of me. 

    My weekend was bipolar.  Had dinner with the BF and her family Friday night which was great, but D got stuck on a work call and couldn't make it.  Saturday was pretty normal until D pulled some dumbarse stunt so we were not really speaking to each other Saturday night and I slept in the guest room.  Still at odds Sunday morning so while he was out biking I decided to go see Rock of Ages (LOVED it!).  D & I still haven't resolved things but we're not actively fighting so that's something I guess.  Then Diego woke me up at about 2:40 this morning needing to go outside - let's just say he's having issues (really runny, smelly issues).  He didn't get into anything that I'm aware of and I hope things have run their course otherwise D might have a really smelly mess when he gets home.  :( 
  • Sounds like everyone had fun this weekend! By Saturday I was back to normal so John and I went hiking at the tallest "mountain" in CT... 6 3/4 miles and it was hot out, I don't think I've ever sweated so much in my life. Later we went to see John's uncle's CCR tribute band at the fireworks... we didn't stay for the fireworks though cause our town has a tiny tiny beach that gets ridiculously overcrowded and the fireworks aren't even good. Sunday we did some cleaning and yardwork, went grocery shopping and relaxed the rest of the day. I am off today and just did an Insanity workout, and after I take a shower I'm going shopping. I have to work tomorrow and the holiday.
  • Serena- Glad you didn't have to kick any coyote butt!

    Colleen- It sounds like someone has to break the ice between you and D.  Hope you guys make up soon! Poor Diego hope he can hold it  together until D goes home!
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  • Ash-  Unfortunately, Alex only saw the stadium.  He was happy with that as he is a huge steelers fan.  He got to go in the locker room.  He was in the city for a little over 12 hours.  We've talked about visiting for a football game one of these falls though.  

    Colleen - Hope you and D get things straightened out.  And Diego feels better. 

    Laura--  can't wait to see pics!  so many of us getting new homes right now!

    Serena--  watch out for those wild animals!  

    We wore Gus out, and then he was a brat and decided he didn't want to come inside when he got home.  He's in time out at the moment, for not listening and running like a wild child.  I need to make some lists and head for the grocery store as we have no good lunch food at home.  One thing I hate about days off - being at the restaurant means I don't need to worry about having food around.  

    I'm a little annoyed that my clients cancelled today, and my ones for wednesday cancelled too.  extra days off are nice, but i want the income.  
  • Good Morning!

    As always the weekend went by too fast! We did our weekly cleaning/errands,
    went to the Farmer's Market (and loved it!), bought groceries,  grilled (just the two of us), and visited our parents. We also started our search for a new place to live, we would like something a little bigger and with more storage. The place we checked out yesterday was cute, but the kitchen wasn't very functional and the bedrooms were too small for our furniture (and our bedroom set isn't that big). Oh well, we will keep looking.

    April- Woohoo for being off all week! Also, that firework show sounds awesome :)
    K- Yay for getting together with old friends and finding great deals at Old Navy!
    Sarah- Yay for being able to spend time with Alex before he leaves. Looks like he'll be in my neck of the woods soon (Anaheim).
    Laura- Glad to hear you are getting settled in and that your first night was good.
    Lisa- Easy going weekends are good!
    Ash- It stinks that you weren't able to get out of town, but sounds like you still made the most of it. I look forward to your movie review.
    Serena- Yay for the good weekend...but yikes about the coyotes and migraine.
    Colleen- Sorry D was an arse this weekend and I hope things get resolved quickly
    Christine- Nice job with the hike! Boo for having to work on the holiday.
  • Sarah- Let me know if you guys come down for a game! We can meet up! :)

    Chrissy- Are you looking for a house or an upgraded apt?
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  • Ash, you're right.  You're right.  I know you're right.  :)  He's being stubborn and I'm being childish - not the best combo. 
  • Ash- We would love to start the home buying process, but we have more saving to do. I would really like to stay in our current rental until we start looking for a house to purchase so we can save more money, but at the same time more space would be nice. We'll see...
    Colleen- Boo! Hopefully, you and D can talk things through tonight and make up ;)
  • MB, I hope you and D are able to work things out.  DH and I get into tiffs like that way too often.  It all works out in the end though. *hugs*



    "...And he just came out of my imaginary birthday cake." -its apelila

  • Laura, that's awesome you guys are going to dinner/kaboom town! I figured we'd get some dinner in the area and then park our butts at DH's old store, because it's right there. I'm glad everyone else seems to be doing well! Colleen - just say to him "dude. It hurt my feelings when ____." And he will say "zomg you're right I sucked that night" And then you say "I forgive you. Give me a massage and ice cream." :)
  • In Response to Re: Hello Monday:
    [QUOTE] Colleen - just say to him "dude. It hurt my feelings when ____." And he will say "zomg you're right I sucked that night" And then you say "I forgive you. Give me a massage and ice cream." :)
    Posted by its apelila[/QUOTE]

    I <3 you. 
  • Ape- you're awesome! I wish that scenario could come to life as needed :)
  • haha April that's awesome. I wish it were that easy sometimes though.
  • April- Love it! I hope Shelby does that for you when you guys have disagreements! :)
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  • i love april's script! :)
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