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September 2010 Weddings

Groom's Cake!

I've decided what I wanted and who I want to order from. It's going to a pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling. It's going to be the University of Arizona football field. FI's going to LOVE it!

Re: Groom's Cake!

  • That is awsome!

    Am I the only one not doing a Groom's cake??

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  • Awesome! I keep debating getting a grooms cake but can never make up my mind.
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  • Very cool! And sounds yummy :)
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    [QUOTE]That is awsome! <strong>Am I the only one not doing a Groom's cake??
    </strong>Posted by shellb1978[/QUOTE]

    No, you're not.  I'm not doing one either.
  • Love it! And also want to eat it. I love pumpkin with cream cheese. Mmm ...

    This is ridiculous, but FI really likes Little Debbie snacks. He has requested it be all zebra cakes stuck together with toothpicks. So ... that was easy. And ridiculous. :-)

    I love my puppy ... and my husband, I swear!
  • That sounds yummy!

    And thanks for posting this...it reminded me to email the baker doing our grooms cake to tell her where we are having the rehearsal. When I booked her we had no location...so she was delivering it know where. I totally forgot I had to tell her where the cake needs to go to! :)

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  • Very cute!!! I am doing a PS 3 grooms cake!
  • omg that sounds amazing!!!

    ok so im dumb but what is the grooms cake exactly??  what you eat at the rehersal?  or a manly cake to go next to the frilly one at the reception? or what u eat on your 1 yr anniversary???
  • I'm not doing a groom's cake either... we're having a moon bounce and keg after-party, so I figured that would make up for it! Smile
  • golden - a groom's cake is a cake that's something that your FI would like. game system, sports, beer, etc. You can either have it at the RD or at the wedding. I'm doing mine at the wedding because our RD is small and I want more than 30 people to see it.  For our 1 year we get a small replica of our wedding cake to eat.
  • We're not doing a groom's cake.  We already have wedding cake, chocolate fountain and a Viennese table - I figure that's more than enough desert!
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  • Very nice! I am doing a golf green with a small golf ball and the letter V on the flag for his last name.
  • That is awesome.

    I vacillate on the groom's cake.
  • um, northstar that sounds SO good.  yum.

    we are not doing a grooms cake.  gerren hates cake.  i also find them (personally) completely unnecessary. 
  • Super cute!
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  • I'd skip the groom's cake too if FI wasn't soo adamant about his zombie cake.
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  • Nice!

    Might do a grooms cake which will double as a birthday cake since we're getting married on FI's birthday. I kind of leaked the surprise to him but he won't know if it's an ice cream cake or ice cream pie ;)
  • We are doing a grooms cake because my FI can't eat our wedding cake. So we will have a gluten free one for him that he and i will cut for our cake cutting ceremony. We also have the big fancy traditional one for everyone else (and eventually me, it is SO YUMMY)
  • That sounds sooo good!

    We're only doing one because my baker cousin is doin' for free. Woo!
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