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i remember Min posting a while back about going to Asian restaurants and being disappointed by getting the *white folks menu* rather than the *scary Asian menu.*

we went to a local Thai place maybe a month ago, and sat down to order. they gave us the white people menus. I looked at their listing of heat with the final 3 being "American" "Thai" and "Superman" (listed least to most hot)

I asked the waitress for "american" hot, and she started asking "are you REALLY sure?" Yes.

Then DK orders the "Thai" hot. The waitress basically flat out tells him that he can't handle it. She says that people CRY. It's bad. DK insists.

We both eat our meals with no issues. Both are spicy but manageable. I added more of their homemade hot sauce to mine. My sinuses were nice and clear. DK doesn't cry or complain. he eats everything. The waitress was impressed.

We went back last week and DK got Superman hot. The waitress (a different one) smirked but didn't say anything. He finished the food with no issue.I got the American again and added some of the chili sauce.

i think we're partway to earning our Asian card.

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