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A bride and pregnant

This is a questions for the moms out there. I hope someone can ease my mind.

My fiancé and I just found out a few weeks ago that we’re expecting our first child in June. We’re both very happy and excited, but now we’re not sure what to do about our wedding. I have my dream dress, the venue, everything. If we keep the wedding day, I’ll be 7 months pregnant; definitely will not able to fit into my dress. I still want my dream wedding, so we decided to push the date until after the baby arrives.  We would really like to push the wedding until the fall, like September-ish, my colors and theme will still work in the fall. I wonder though if 3 months is enough time for my body to bounce back from being pregnant to wedding dress ready.

Any thoughts? I’m stuck between planning it for a fall wedding or pushing a full year until the next April, which seems like an eternity away.

Re: A bride and pregnant

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    Congrats on your pregnancy! Children are so great!

    I guess a lot of what you should or want to do depends on your beliefs and your family. While it's nice to want to wait, will this be an issue for your families? If not, depending on your age, and your weight history, you could lose the weight in 3 months, or it may take longer. I had my son when I was 31, my daughter when I was 39. I lost the weight faster after my daughter, even though I was older.

    You may not be at your pre-pregnancy weight 3 months later, but you burn a lot of calories if you breast feed. I won't tell you all the positives about it, I'm sure you can read it on your own. Depending on your dress, the design, you may have to have it altered if you plan for 3 months after delivery.

    I can't tell you what is right for you. I can only tell you that you have to weigh all the issues in light of your "dream wedding" and when you feel you can achieve that. It depends on so many things that you can't predict.

    Good luck and congrats again.
  • em01092em01092 member
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    Ditto PP. There is no right answer. Do what you and your FI feel to be the best decision for your future family. 

    Talk with your vendors and see if you can push back your date without losing deposits. A lot of times they will be willing to work with you since you don't want to just bail on them. 

    You could also find another dress if you'd like to go ahead and get married, but depending on your HM plans and overall preference, this might not be best. If you wanted to do something extremely physical like backpacking across Europe, it might be best to postpone that. Also consider flight/cruise restrictions on pregnant women. 
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    You would be putting a lot of pressure on yourself to expect to be at your pre-pregnancy weight and size at 3 months post-partum. Some women are able to lose that weight fast and tone up that quickly, most are not.

    Your priorities will change after your baby is born, so don't make any rash decisions about changing your wedding date. Babies are expensive, so that dream wedding may no longer fit your budget if you wait until after the birth.

    To be honest, I'd consider moving the date closer or leaving things as they are.

  • graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    I am not a mom so I can't speak to post baby weight loss, but I do know that new moms experience a lot of change and often a lot of stress. The last few months of wedding planning are also busy and stressful. Do you think that having all of that at the same time will be doable? Do you want to have wedding stuff to do alongside of being a new, possibly sleep-deprived mom? If it were me, I'd either get married as planned and change the dress, or wait till your baby is a little older so that you don't have too much going on at once.
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    I would move it up to asap.  You and your body go through a lot between the last trimester and birth.  There is a lot of added stress with a new baby (many babies don't even sleep through the night until  past 12 weeks, if you are lucky!!)  Adding a wedding and a newborn is too risky and stressful!!  I vote for asap!
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    I'm probably the wrong person to ask.  I gained over 90 pounds during my pregnancy.  Clearly, I did not lose it in 3 months.  More like 7 years!

    I'd vote for doing it now...sooner the better.  You may have to have a new dress, and you won't be able to drink at your wedding, but you will have your day without worrying about who will take care of the baby, how you will plan with no sleep, and worrying about fitting a baby budget and a wedding budget together!
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    OMG, it would stress me out a LOT to have to try to lose all that weight so quickly. Some women are super lucky. My first time around as a Mom, I was nowhere NEAR my pre-pregnancy body three months later!!!!

    But you have a lot more to consider here beyond the dress. Even more importantly, I can not IMAGINE having to plan & coordinate a wedding with a three-month old! You're putting WAY too much pressure on yourself by moving the wedding to this suggested time.

    You have no IDEA what to expect as new parents. Maybe everything will be SUPER easy... But maybe not. And why put yourself through that for no reason?

    Move the wedding up a little sooner, or keep the date and just get a new dress! It's a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things, considering the best thing is: You're getting married & having a baby! These are both wonderful things to celebrate. If it costs you several hundred bucks on a new dress, it's worth it. This won't be the last sacrifice you make as a mother...
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    It took me a year and some change to lose the 60 kinds I gained while pregnant. We opted to have our wedding when our son was 17 months old and I would not have done it any other way. But it's really a personal decision.
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    I would either move the date sooner (which may not be possible with your vendors) or leave things as they are and get a new dress.  Talk to the bridal salon and see if there's any way they can help you, or if your current dress can be converted to maternity.
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    Honestly I think you can, but as some of the PP said it's really going to depend on your pregnancy and such. I was very sick while I was pregnant so I didn't gain a lot of weight. When DD was born she I had only gain 20 lbs total. Well considering her weight and the fluids, I was 30 lbs lighter about a month after pregnancy. There is no way to tell for sure what your body is going to do. Just remember that while you are pregnant you don't really have to "eat for two" just eat until you are full. Also remember to drink a lot of water and eat healthy foods. These things will help!
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    To me your only concern should be the dress (unless you're worried about not feeling well, etc). Talk to whoever is doing your alterations - I've seen numerous pregnant brides who fit into non-maternity dresses just fine, just becaues of the way the dress was cut.

    On a side note, my cousin got married at 7 months - and no one knew she was pregnant (and she gained a lot of weight!) A good seamstress (and a very large bouquet) can work miracles, lol :)

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