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New York Knotties- I need your advice!

I want to know your favorite lingerie stores for our local magazine. Please tell me the name of the shop and why you love it. Do they sell great honeymoon lingerie? Have amazing customer service? Bra specialist or special sizes? Custom anything? Also, this CANNOT be a chain like Victoria’s Secret.
I give all of the boroughs love, so post below.
Thanks you!


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Re: New York Knotties- I need your advice!

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    I love Orchard Corset, down on Orchard Street.  The place is not glamourous- it's packed floor to ceiling with boxes of bras, but you will get an amazing fitting!  The woman knew what size I was by looking at me- even pointed out that one breast was bigger than the other, something I had never really noticed before.
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    Violas on first ave and 75th (i think 75th)
    she has been there for ages and the place is not glamorous but if you tell her what you need the bra for, she will look at your chest and pull what you need from a stack of boxes.  i call her the boob whisperer.
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    I love Marc and Max on Bleecker in the west village! They have amazing customer service, beautiful merchandise, can fit you just by looking at you, and do special orders. All in all, it's just an amazing lingerie boutique!
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    You all are awesome. Such great answers! I cannot wait to go to these stores. And jkara, you had me at "the boob whisperer"!
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    for lingerie, i like Honey in williamsburg on north 6th. i got a great selection of lingerie for the honeymoon! i wouldn't go there looking for a bra fitting--it's more for the fun stuff. for bra fitting, i like the Town Shop on Broadway in the 80s--84th maybe.
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    Intimacy on Madison and 90th... you may want to call, they get very busy because they have fitters who measure you and put you in the perfect bra!
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    Bra Tenders on 9th and 45th was a complete godsend for me.  They started out doing undergarments for theater and specialize in unusual sizes (I'm a 28FF. . . try finding that in Victoria Secret!).  The fitters there are amazing and the selection is unbelievable. 
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    Town Shop - upper west side... They have cup sizes up into the stratosphere, and they know their stuff.
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