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December 2010 Weddings

I love my little brother

So you know how I'm sending recipe cards out?

My 16 year old brother, who doesn't really make anything, gave me one back today. The instructions are quite detailed, and are for cereal and milk! LOL!
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Not caring about missing RSVPs because there aren't any rocks!

Re: I love my little brother

  • that's sweet! 

    My sister is 2 years younger than me - that makes her older than some of you!  So it's not quite the same if I tell you about the funny things she does ;)
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  • I also have a sister who is much closer in age, and I agree misslol that the funny stuff she does is *much* different lol.

    Anyway, he just said "cereal of your choosing" on the card.
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    Not caring about missing RSVPs because there aren't any rocks!
  • Awh. I love the idea of asking for recipe cards. Too bad I send my invites out to both the wedding and bridal shower.
  • that's great! my little brother is my absolute best friend he knows me better than anyone ever will. we are 5 years apart. He's my bridesman but more like a MOH in my heart, just needed a woman to do the dhower and dress details and stuff lol otherwise he would have been a man of honor.
  • LOL that's hilarious...that's something I would do.
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