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so frustrated with invitations!!

We are trying so hard to save money here.....I tried to go the vistaprint route, but went with the oversized postcards....the quality just isn't there....
I also have a book of invites my mom gave us from her work, (she gets a 40% discount...great right??!?!  Not so much...we wanted to do "away" with the reception cards...it just seems like added cost, but when doing these online through my moms company, you can only put info on certain areas. and too much info squishes it all together so it looks sloppy.
We tried the fold and send ones....but because our ceremony and reception venue are in different places....theres only room for one.  Does that makes sense? 
My question I guess is.....would it be tacky to say reception at five o'clock...............and then add the address and more info on the programs.....that just doesn't seem right....but I don't know what else to do.  Help!
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Re: so frustrated with invitations!!

  • hkieslinghkiesling member
    edited December 2011
    I would make sure that the address for the ceremony and reception are all in the invite somehow.  Some people will only be able to make it to one or the either. 

    We just got some DIY invites from Michaels (Brides in chocolate and ivory) and everyone commented on how nice they looked.  We printed them up ourselves on a color laser jet printer and embellished them a little with some cut-out leaves.  We then made a little brochure using regular ivory paper with directions.  I saw quite a few guests with them at the reception, so they must have been helpful.  We didn't have seperate reception cards, but we were able to fit all the info on invite.  HTH
  • KanelopeKanelope member
    edited December 2011
    Ugh, I am having the same problem.  I really wanted to DIY, but MIL gets a discount where she works and FI told me not getting them there would be rude.  I hate that you don't have free range with wording/spacing.

    I suggest you DIY reception cards with the ordered invites.
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