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April 2010 Weddings

do i really need a hair trial?

I dont know if I was dreaming or what... but i swear I posted this already and now it is gone.

I am wondering how necessary a hair and makeup trial is? I am trying to save myself some money. they plan on charging me 75 for a trial.

I just want a natural makeup look. and my hair seems simple from the pics... heres what I want my hair to look like... without the flower.


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Re: do i really need a hair trial?

  • What do you know about your stylist? I would ask around on your local board and look on weddingwire.com -- if she comes highly recommended, I would probably feel okay about not having a trial.

    I did one b/c my stylist wasn't very well-known. Though I'm glad I did it just for peace of mind, I would have happily walked out of there and right down the aisle she did such a good job.

    Another good reason for a trial is so that your stylist can tell you what you need to do w. your hair to make it easiest on the day off (grow out, cut, lose layers, etc.) but if you show her these pics then she should be able to tell you anyway.

    p.s. Your hair is going to look GORGEOUS like that!!! :)
  • I think if you know your stylist and are confident that she will do a good job, you could skip the trial.

    I know my stylist and know she would do a good job....but I'm still doing a trial because I would like to make sure the style I picked out is want will look good on my hair.
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  • I also agree that if you are comfortable enough with your stylist, you should be OK with skipping the trial.  I'm going to have one just to make sure I like how it looks on me; it's the morning of my shower.  She'll be doing the make up too.
  • My salon offers a discounted rate for having a trail and day of. Since I thought getting all dolled up only to go home and wash it all out was pretty stupid, I decided to have bridal portraits done on the same day. That way I'll know what everything looks like and it won't be a waste.
  • I think a makeup/hair trial is like searching for a wedding gown...you may think you know what you want, but when you finally start trying on dresses you find something totally different.

    I think doing a hair/makeup trial is totally worth the money - What happens if you get your hair done on the wedding day and you end up hating it? You may not have any time to change it or you may be forced to be late. I personally wouldn't take the chance
  • I think they're a good idea. But, if you've had that hairstyle before and worked with your stylist than I think you could skip it. My stylist has a package price for doing hair and make-up for the wedding and the trial is included in that. if it weren't I'd probably consider skipping it because my hair will be really simple.
  • I think that if you know and trust the beautician then you don't need to do a hair trial (I am not doing a hair trial). Make sure you bring pictures with you so she/he can have a reference point. The makeup may be a different story. I wouldn't say skip that because you just want to make sure you look "right" or just how you want it. If you have a picture of yourself with the makeup done excatly how you want it, then someone cane recreate it.

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  • we're doing a hair trial because 1. it's my hairstylist's first wedding updo and 2. my hairdo has to serve it's purpose with not one but two veils, as i'm transitioning from a cathedral length to a birdcage at the reception and want to ensure they look okay.
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