Alteration Reccomendation?

Hi Ladies,

I am in the Chicago land area and I am looking for a person to perform good and affordable alterations.

I am unsatisfied with the place that I ordered my dress (based on my experience and the things I have read in reviews) and don't care to give them any more of my time or money.

Wedding is in October.  I already called Mary Catomy, who I have heard amazing things about, and she is all booked.  She suggested I post here for other recommendations.

I would appreciate any help!!

Re: Alteration Reccomendation?

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    Since you are in the Chicago area, try posting this on the Chicago board. You will have a better chance of finding someone.

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    I always take my dresses to The Golden Needle in Joliet (south of Chicago).  They do a great job -- you can't even tell the dresses have been altered.  I always have to have mine hemmed and taken in on the top of the bodice, and that's $50... I think it's $20 for a hem and $30 for body work or something like that.
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