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Our Joint Vows :) What do you think?

We wanted something unique to us but still wanted our vows to be the same and recited after the minister (I don't think I could dare read them or memorize them! lol)

I thought it take hours for us to find "the perfect words" but we pulled it together in about 20 minutes! Surprisingly simple! What do you think?

Jacob/Gaylyn, you are a gift to me from God.

Today, I take you to be my wife/husband,

as my friend and my love.

I give you my heart,

I have no greater gift to give.

I will walk with you when life is good,

and thru every storm.

May my heart be your shelter,

And my arms be your home.

I promise to support your dreams,

and walk beside you offering courage.

Today, I join my life to yours

As your wife/husband

and your best friend."

Sorry for the size, I cut and pasted them from my word doc

Re: Our Joint Vows :) What do you think?

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