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Would/Wouldn't Do

Would 100% do a destination wedding ~ I could not have imagined getting married in any other way!  Welcome bags were a total hit, everyone loved the idea. Fans - a definite must as it was HOT and the guests appreciated having them.  So happy that we had a DJ, it made the party sooo much fun!  Hair & make-up - didn't have to worry about it so that was a big plus.  Hire a wedding planner - the day would not have gone the way it did without her :)  If I could have done a few things differently I would have done a TTD session and had videography services.  I would have also monitored the bar better - 2 hours into our reception the $$ that we put towards the bar was gone!!  I have a feeling people that were not a part of the wedding were drinking up our $$.

Wouldn't have had the guests stay at the same location!!  That was a huge mess.  Other than that I don't think there's really anything that I wouldn't have done but if I think of anything I'll be sure to post later!

Re: Would/Wouldn't Do

  • Totally!!  It seemed as though they expected us to entertain them the entire trip. 
  • "I have a feeling people that were not a part of the wedding were drinking up our $$."

    That really stinks, along with the part about your guests expecting you guys to entertain them. Hello, it's your wedding & honeymoon!  Otherwise, sounds like you had an amazing time!! Congrats, Mrs.!!!! :)
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    [QUOTE]Totally!!  It seemed as though they expected us to entertain them the entire trip. 
    Posted by iberrios19[/QUOTE]

    Awesome.  I can tell my parents are already going to bother me.  I just got like 10 emails about flights.
  • Well I am glad that the fans were such a hit...I am hoping to order some of those myself...where did you get yours from?

    Hope that the bar didn't put other people's drinks on your tab or if other hotel guests were just saying that they were with the wedding...thats not coool if that is the case.
  • dude if i were at your resort and not part of your wedding, i totally would have said i was for free drinks too...lol j/k...that sucks that some people did that.
  • I am so glad you had a great time while here.  I'm sorry your guests were a bother though, I am so glad that didn't happen to us on the cruise.  Everyone pretty much did their own thing and if we wanted to meet up and do something, we called them so it was nice.  Did you guys make it over to St. John?  What all did you do while here?
  • Amanda - I got the fans from Oriental Trading

    Denise - We never made it over to St. John :( I think it had to do with being at the pool all day and drinking voodoo juice ;)  That's some serious stuff...matter of fact so are the bushwackers!!  Maybe next time.  Some of my family went over and said that it was beautiful.
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