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April 2011 Weddings

nwr: vent! worst day ever, sorta long.

So Z and I both had really bad days until we went out tonight.


ME - I got to work, couldn't remember anything that I was taught from last week.  Then I started remembering things and my day was getting better.  Then I get pulled into the boardroom by Karl and he gives me the basics of why I am no longer employed there... yes, I no longer have a job again!  F*CK! so I am back to square one.  


The only good thing about being let go or laid off or whatever you want to call it, is that I am getting the next couple days off before the wedding.


Z - He had a bad day yesterday and today.  There are normally 9 guys between 2 cities.  Yesterday there were 2 guys, both located here in Saskatoon.  Today there were 4 guys, 3 here in Saskatoon 1 in Regina.  So he was originally grumpy; then we got an awesome thunderstorm today and it rained today so the streets were a bit slick.  Some one ran a red infront of him turning left and he almost T-boned them.  


When I got home we had to go to dance class.  Well we went and ended up having a blast.  It was great.  He and I were both in much better moods.  I just had to continue my horribleness and go and tell my parents about my cruddy day.  ARGH.


Vent over.

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Re: nwr: vent! worst day ever, sorta long.

  • My day was no nearly as bad as yours, but I had a rough day too. It must have just been set as a bad day!
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  • OH NO, Linds. Don't answer if this is too nosey or personal....but why did they say they let you go??? They literally JUST hired you!!!!!

    I'm glad that you and Z have each other to make everything all better. Doesn't it just reassure you that you've chosen the best possible companion? I mean, you guys had crap-tastic days, but felt better and were able to laugh and have fun when you got together. I love that!

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  • Boo! 
    I agree with Courtney though.. They JUST hired you?  WTF??
  • yeah i don't get WTH could have happened so fast!!! you only just started. yeesh! hopefully something better comes along. glad to hear you were able to shake it off together.
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