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Good morning, pretty girls!

Happy Friday! So glad to make it through this week! What is everyone doing this weekend? Any big plans?

BF and I are leaving for our cruise this afternoon. We are flying into Fort Lauderdale tonight and spending the night, then board the cruise around lunchtime tomorrow. BF deserves a vacation so bad. He just resigned from his job for his new one here in Oklahoma, but had been working 70+ hours a week for the past six months. I'm so glad he gets to get away from cell-phones (vendors are still calling him), internet, etc for a few days and just relax and recharge his batteries.

OH. I got  the job I had been interviewing for. After 3 interviews and 3 months of unemployment, I finally have my "big girl job." I will be a case manager contracted  through DHS to help parents modify their parenting skills so that they don't get their children taken away. The program I work for is pretty much the "last resort" for the parents before the children go into state custody. So, BF and I both start our new jobs July 16th. YESS. :)

Sorry to let's hear about YOUR weekends!
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  • Congrats to both of you!

    My boss is a Guardian ad Litem so I understand your job. Just reading the reports from the county here regarding cases like that breaks my heart for the kids. One of our cases made national news. I give you so much credit and I hope you really like it.

    FI has a bachelor party all day tomorrow so I am going to some hobby stores and see if I can start some of my small DIY projects. One thing I want to make is hair clips for the girls rather than buying them.

    Other than that, I've got nothing, thankfully!

    Have a great time on your cruise!


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    Have fun on your vacation! A friend of mine has a very similar job. She works with mothers who have already had their children placed in foster care. She's a family/marriage counselor, so she provides them with talk therapy in addition to helping them through whatever the court has ordered them to do to get their kids back.

    BF is going to the Brewer's game with a friend tonight, so I'll be relaxing at home. Tomorrow, we are going to a state park here in WI - Devil's Lake, to hike the trails and have a picnic lunch with some friends. It's going to be pretty hot tomorrow and a lot of the trails are strenuous, so I think we'll come home and do some more relaxing (it's about 2 hours from our home).

    The rest of the time will be spent trying to continue the introduction process for my new rescued kitty to my other two. Should be interesting.
  • Congrats to you both and have fun on your cruise!

    H has been traveling for work for two weeks and I am getting lonely *pout.* I was going to pick blueberries tomorrow, but seeing as it is going to be near 100 degrees, that ain't happenin'. I am going to try making yogurt tonight, as I have been inspired by danser's yogurt making skillz. Other than that just staying in the a/c as much as possible. It's so stinkin' hot.
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    Congrats Jordan! And have sooo much fun on your cruise! BF and I went on a cruise for our first vacation together a few months ago. Niether of us had ever been on a cruise before, and we LOVED it. What line are you cruising with? We did NCL. Be sure to check out the Cruise Critic message boards if you haven't already!

    I am soooo happy it's Friday because: 

    1) My job is primarily sales, and since this is the last workday of the quarter, desperation is in the air! I'm ready to be done with June and start off July. 

    2) Because my BFF is house sitting out on Long Island for some family friends, and invited me and BF over for a BBQ/Pool Party tomorrow afternoon. I'm bringing lemon bars (which I need to make today!) and berry sangria. I hardly ever get to see my BFF, and our BF's have only met once, so I'm excited. And... 

    3) Because after this weekend, next week will be awesome with Wednesday off, and for the 4th we're going on one of those cruises around NY harbor for a friend's 30th birthday. There will be food, a two hour open bar, and we'll be able to see the fireworks. Just need to figure out what to wear!
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  • Have fun on your cruise and congrats on the job!

    Tonight I am meeting a friend for dinner and we are going for Indian food. Yum!

    Tomorrow is my sister's surprise bridal shower.  I am looking for to it.  I just hope after months of planning that it all goes well. 

    Sunday the theater I work with is doing a year end annual picnic, so I have to be there early since I'm on the board to set up and stay late to clean up.  It should be fun though.
    It will be a long and tiring weekend though. 


  • TGIF! Seriously, it always seems like the week before a vacation goes the slowest and then the vacation flies by, so excited to visit BF's family in Cali next week and for our BBQ this weekend :) Hope everyone can make it through this day somewhat awake, I know I'm dragging, Congrats on the job btw, 3 interviews is a lot of work! Laughing
  • Congrats on the new jobs and I hope you enjoy the vacation! Take lots of pics! :)
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  • Congrats on the job! and have fun on your cruise!

    I am going to see Wicked tonight and after that my weekend is open.  I am looking forward to two days of nothing. 
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  • I don't know why, but this week seemed longer than is especially crawling by.  Ugh.

    But...H got his performance review back today for work and he's getting a 6% raise, so woo hoo!  So we are going out tonight to celebrate :-)
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