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Hey ladies!

    Any body have any recommendations for a photographer in the Ventura County area? Also, I know all  budgets are different, but how much approx did you spend?
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Re: Photographer

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    I know it's not exactly what you asked for, but our photographer was FANTASTIC and he does travel. Nathan Nowack (

    As far as budget, there are a variety, but I wanted good pictures and was willing to splurge on those and cut back in other places. So we spent around $3k. (That included a 4 hour e-session, 8 hours for wedding day, photo cards, editing, all of our pictures on a disk/usb and an album).


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    I"m not sure if he travels to Ventura, but I imagine so my photographer, Corbin Kell,, does a great job.  We spent around $1200 but got a really nice package..

    hope that helps
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    My photographer will travel there.
    Also, a fellow knottie who is now doing weddings:

    For both prices vary, but you can get a very nice package from around 3k
    love candee photography does more of an a la carte type of deal so if you're on a budget that might be more ideal.
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    Package includes 8 hours, 2 photographers. $2500

    Good Luck with your search!
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    Thanks!!! I will look into them!!
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    Her pricing is very affordable and her work is beautiful. 
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    WE love our photographers!!! LOVE them! I was reading this artical about wedding planning. And one quote rang true with me (especially since  we think the photography is the most important thing). "The anguish of low quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."
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    WE are in the process of booking with 

    Our budget is $2000, but I am sure they would be willing to work with many types of budgets.
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