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Looking for red wedding shoes or dyeable shoes


I am looking for  red shoes to wear on my wedding, and am having trouble finding some. I have seen some dyeable shoes that I like, but am not familiar with the process or how the final product looks. I am looking for a 2 inch heel-can't be higher than 2 1/4 inches, so if anyone has suggestions for good places/websites, any information is helpful! 
Also-have many people done the dyable shoes route and how did they turn out??

Thanks for your help!

Re: Looking for red wedding shoes or dyeable shoes

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    go to sites like
    you can usually sort by color and heel height.  plus they offer free shipping and returns.  the link above is just an example that i liked that fit your description.  


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    I would be careful with dyeables with a white wedding dress. I've heard a few other girls say that the color ran or transfered to their feet. One said that it was dew in he grass, others had a rainy day, and the other thing was that even sweat could cause it to run.  Just something to keep in mind if you are going to dye them.
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    I got my Cole Haan's at a Nieman Marcus outlet.  They are super comfy and were under $100.  They are more deep red than candy apple but really nice.
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    I got my shoes from Nina shoes. You can go to their website and sort by color and heel size. Also, you can make your own. They have select styles, three heel sizes, and other options to choose. This is actually what I did and I just got my shoes in the mail. They turned out perfectly!! If you sign up for their email list, you get a coupon for 20% off which definitely helps. GL!
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    I bought mine at 9 West a few months ago. Two inches is pretty low (these are only the lower side, but I still think they're about 3") You may want to try something like or where you can sort by color, as well as heel size.  Good luck!

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    Try DSW or Zappos as others have mentioned....also, like Laura said, I would avoid dyed shoes, especially with a white dress....the littlest amount of moisture makes them run. We wore dyed shoes for my friend's wedding and they are completely ruined and my feet were brown by the end of the night.
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